Sunday, October 31, 2010

Product Review: Nivea Body Summer Beauty Firming Gradual Tan Body moisturiser

So I've had this in my beauty cabinet for awhile and thought,its almost summer,may as well try it

Well it is safe to say my first attempt was a disaster! I was all streaky and patchy around my knees,ankles and feet 3 days in so thought"Hmm lets try this a different way" so I thought the fake tan approach

I shaved and exfolaited in the shower,then used a normal body moistiser on my knees,ankles and feet then applied the product

Well I have to say the product stinks,it smells so bad!But unlike some other gradual tanners it dried pretty quickly(which is good as I put it on at night so I dont smell throughout the day!)Once I figured out how to apply it,and once I got past the smell,it was ok!
But after 3 days I had to stop as I was pretty damn tan!(ok lightly Tan lol Im pretty pale to begin with).

Firming wise though....hmmm not too sure if I can rate it as I only used it a couple of days and was focusing more on the colour,not the firming properties.

So when you put together the smell and streakiness the product kind of sucks BUT if you forget the smell and take into consideration that my fake tan approach produced great results and in only 3 days its fantastic so I am kind of on the fence here about how to rate it.
The bottle says to use as a daily body moisturiser so the fact that I used it differently to get good results I guess I cant rate it very highly!
But hey its doesnt cost much and if you want to use my fake tan approach do so,you may love it!

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