Saturday, October 2, 2010

2 products Im using right now.. AND LOVING!!

I have 2 products Im using at the moment that I am totally in love with!!
The first is Anew Alpha Peel-Off facial mask from avon

I am not sure of the RRP of this as I purchased it at a discounted price off Trade Me
I use this mask 1-2 times a week(the tube says to use it 2-3 times though my skin gets irritated if I use it more than twice). It is very "strong" Im not sure if that is due to the alcohol content(which I usually shy away from) or the AHA's. I would not reccommend this for sensitive skin
Heres the blurb from the avon website about it

Reveal younger, healthier-looking skin in only 10 minutes. Custom blend of AHAs and gentle botanicals lift away impurities. Refines and conditions for fresher, smoother-looking skin. Peel-off formula. Dermatologist tested. 

Now from the blurb it sounds like it could be,or is very similar to a chemical exfoliant but dont take my word on it. Either way I love how it makes my skin feel(although when I first apply it stings a little) and as it is peel off its easy to remove.

Now for the 2nd product Im using and IN LOVE with is Anew Alternative Intensive Eye Cream. It is OMG WONDERFUL!!I have a problem with dark circles and this product reduced them significantly within a week!! I use it once a day.
Last time I checked it reatiled for about $59..99 from Avon(can ya tell I just LOVE Avon products!)but I again purchased mine off Trade Me for about $15.
It is an eye cream I will definatley buy again and again(as long as I can get it at a discounted price)It is worth the $59.99 but at that price it is a little out of my price range
Oh I almost forgot about the blurb on the Avon Website about it!

Reclaim brighter, younger-looking skin around eyes. The brightest innovation in herbaceutical skincare. Anti-aging science and Eastern healing herbs unite to attack the major signs of dark circles and treat the age-related conditions that can make them look worse. (#07228)

Undereye area looks naturally brighter, more radiant

In 1 week
Dark undereye circles start to visibly fade*

*Results based on a clinical instrumentation study

It is so true about eye circles fading in a week! 
So those are two of my products Im loving this week

Stay simply stunningly gorgeous ladies! xoxo

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