Sunday, October 10, 2010

Product Review:Australis Perfection Brush On Foundation with SPF

Australis Perfection Brush On Foundation
I use this foundation all the time I think I am actually running out!
The blurb on the back says
A simple and mess-free way to achieve a flawless, natural looking finish. The unique formulation assists in hydrating the skin and protecting it from the harsh environment.
Australis Perfection Brush On Foundation effortlessly transforms the skin to luminous perfection with the stroke of a brush.

As you can see it comes with the brush which dispenses the foundation and the concept is you use the brush to apply the foundation. I tried this and personally I do not like the brush,I think it is crap and a useless way to apply the foundation, this is my own personal opinion.

The foundation on the other hand I love. The way I use it is I squeeze it out of the brush onto the back of my (clean) hand and apply it using my fingertips. The foundation is very liquid-y(if that is even a word) but it offers AMAZING coverage. The downside is it is quite heavy on the skin which in all honesty is something I dont mind but I know alot of women like lightweight foundations. It is also quite time consuming to completely wash off.
It comes in 5 different shades Nude, Natural fawn, Golden tan, Natural beige and Natural tan. I use Nude

All in all a good foundation for someone who likes a heavier, full coverage. The brush is pretty useless though in my opinion but good value for money(I got it before the GST rise for about $23 from radius pharmacy) I love it

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