Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Products Im in love with right now

Thought I'd share a few products Im using alot and loving right now-these are also mini reviews. A few products I wont be doing a mini review on as they deserve a review all of their own

First off is an eyeshadow quad I've had for awhile now and use ALOT and it is the Australis Intenifeye in The Big Smoke

The reason I love this particular quad is because you have 4 great colours,white,gray,deep navy and black. They all have a shimmer to them which is something I love in eyeshadow. This quad gives you everything you need shadow wise to create the perfect smokey eye.

Lipsticks,well I have someone very special to thank for this and her name is Sonja. After asking for some make up ideas/challenges she suggested bright pink lips which I tried,and LOVED and now two of my previously neglected lipsticks are now constantly in my handbag make up kit!Please note the photos may not be the exact shade as I use,it was very hard to find photos of the exact shade

Both are Avon products the first being Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick in Pink Berry which I didnt actually want when I bought it but it came in a bulk lot,I wanted one product and the whole lot was less than what the product I wanted retails for so I got it and now I am so so glad I did!!

The main benefit apart from it being pink is that it is a mineral Lipstick. It also has a glittery sparkle,Im trying to determine if the sparkle is silver or gold,I thought it was gold but now Im leaning more towards silver. It has quite decent staying power and it is so so pretty

My next lipstick is Pro to Go in  Rose Sorbet. Im not even sure if Avon still sells this as they like discontinuing products that I adore(Like my mousse foundation which was perfect for me!)This I also didnt order,got this a wee while ago and it was a replacement product,total opposite to the nude shade I ordered
This pink is a much brighter pink than Pink Berry.

It has a slight,subtle shimmer and the coolest packaging,rather than having a lid you pull off and twist it up like most lipsticks this has a little thing on the side you slide up the lipstick top flips open and out slides the lipstick,very cool  and easy one handed application! This looks amazing on,I either use it on its own or as a base for Pink Berry if Im wanting a little more shimmer. Good staying power and amazing colour!and it glides on so smoothly

Onto mascara.I have mentioned this fleetingly in a previous eyelash post and that is Avon(again) SuperCurlacious mascara in Black(I only ever use black mascara).Its wand its curved which not only curls but helps apply the formula evenly.

Its is long wearing and doesnt flake and easy to remove with a little eye make up remover,While it is amazing it does nothing for volume (which is fine as it doesnt claim to but thought I'd just add that in)Its quite affordable too so wont break the bank

Hairspray I love is Garnier Fructis Style Elastic Power Fix Hairspray.It claims its extra strong and on their "hold scale" has a rating of 3 out of 5 which is pretty good.

I love that while it holds my hair in place that it doesnt make my hair rock hard and is pretty easy to brush out.

I have a few more products I would like to list but will save them for later

Until then lovelies stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous xx

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