Sunday, October 31, 2010

Battle of the bronzers

With summer fast approaching and having alot of summer days Im using bronzer more and more(I will not tan in the sun,I hate the thought of what the sun does to my skin,I burn,blister and peel, a hot look but not the good kind!)

So I usually use Thin Lizzy 6 in 1,have done for a good 3 years but when I ran out and saw my bank account balance there was really no $50 to shell out for thin lizzy.
Being a fan of most designer brands products I went on their website and saw they had a few reasonably priced bronzers ranging from $9.99 to $24.99

When I went in all I could find was their Mineral Multi-Colour Blusher & Bronzer for $13.99,not exactly the one I wanted but I grabbed the bronzer and went off happy as can be. This is kind of what it looks like(the shade is not exact)

Now when I use bronzer I use it as a blush,cheek contour,face framer and use it on my neck,chest and shoulders if they are bare

Well I can say I am impressed with their compact,it has this gorgeous slide out mirror which is awesome,but thats as far as my being impressed goes
The brush provided,well, it sucks unless you like stripes so I tossed it into my brush box as it is good as an eyeshadow blending brush!

So I used a regular powder brush to apply and well when you consider how little it costs I suppose it is worth what you pay but it is very much a case of you get what you pay for which dissapointed me as I love Designer Brands make up!

The multi tones in the compact meant it could end up being quite uneven and I realised it has some chunky glitter particles which is a sign of cheap manufacturing,so I have to say I was most dissapointed with this.

Now onto Thin Lizzy. Its roughly $50 and you get 2 compacts,2 brushes.2 scented lip glosses and 2 double ended eyeliners in black and brown
Well the lip glosses,I HATE! They are sticky and I hate the scent,but then again I have a friend who loves the lip glosses (although she isnt a huge make up fan) so I guess its personal preference

I love the eyeliner,I use the black for my waterline often and the brown for my eyebrows so getting 2 is a bonus

The brushes are also great and I will often use one to apply mineral foundation

Onto the bronzer itself. Alot of people complain Thin Lizzy makes them orange and (now I dont want to offend anyone) but I have found it is only orange when you apply it incorrectly.Its has a sublte sheen,nothing too glittery and no chunky particles.When applied correctly it gives you a gorgeous bronze glow

So really Thin Lizzy is great value for money and is a fantastic product and one I will have to stick to(although I have to wait for my bank balance to get over its little virus,ha ha)

It is safe to say Thin Lizzy is definatley the winner here!

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