Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Product Review: Natio Lip Colour in shade Sienna

I love love love this lipstick! Its almost my perfect shade(but Im still hunting for THE perfect shade since Loreal discontinued my shade back in 2004) anyway enough of my sob story more reviewing!

Like all lipsticks this has its good and bad points,lets cover the good first shall we?

The lipstick itself glides on you lips which is great, and it feels really good on your lips,kinda luxurious so you feel great wearing it.Sienna also has slight glittering particles to it,maybe copper or gold-ish as it is quite a reddish brown shade,anyway this lipstick is definatley shimmer rather than Matte.The particles are so fine you do not feel them on your lips. The blurb on the site says
Twenty long-wearing moisturising lip colours.
Benefits: Enriched with essential oils to help keep lips feeling velvety soft and smooth.
While it feels great on your lips I dont think it actually does anything for your lips. I also find that if I dont use some type of lip plumper or primer underneath that its not actually that long wearing which is a shame as you have to keep re-applying so if your looking for a lipstick thats long wearing,Natio Lip Colour isnt the right lipstick for you. Also if you use the site as a shade indicator(http://www.natio.com.au/colour/lips/lipstick.html) you will be dissapointed when you go in store to puchase it as the shades on the site are SO different to the actual shades.
I tried to take good colour quality photos but I wasnt very successful here you are anyway

All in all its an OK lipstick but as I said if you are looking for long wearing colour,this probably isnt a great choice for you. From memory I paid $16-$18 for it from Radius Pharmacy

Untill next time my lovelies, stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous!

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