Monday, October 18, 2010

The world of Mineral Make up

So I was about to write up a review on my Australis Mineral Inject Liquid foundation when I thought to myself, how much do I actually know about Mineral Make Up? The answer was”not a hell of alot”
So with my Powder Mineral Foundation and my liquid mineral foundation I started researching ingredients found in Mineral Make Up

Now there is so much info out there I couldnt possibly compact it here so if you would like more info,just ask and give me some time and I’ll try and get as much info as I can packed in a couple of blog posts

The scary thing I have learnt is for a make up to be marketed as  mineral it doesnt have to be pure mineral make up! There are no strict regulations so as long as one of the main ingredients is mineral it can be labelled as such

 The most common mineral used is Titanium Dioxide, now imagine my surprise when my usual foundation which does not claim to be mineral said it may contain Titanium Dioxide on the ingredients list! My liquid mineral foundation only contains 2 ingredients that are considered mineral,one of which it MAY contain and both are found in my regular foundation!

Make up companies can slap on the word “Mineral” ,adding another money making product to their brand,charge more(because apparently minerals are so good for your skin)and the worst thing is they are and will continue to get away with it

2 main/major ingredients in Mineral Foundations is
Titanium Dioxide:   It offers sun protection, reflects light (only surpassed by diamonds), has high coverage, and helps makeup “stick” to your skin.  This product is the first choice for many powerful sunscreens. For more info

Zinc Oxide:  Zinc oxide like Titanium oxide also offers sun protection.  Zinc oxide can calm irritated skin and helps with certain skin conditions such as rosacea.  You'll get high coverage and staying power with this in your mineral makeup.For more info
One thing Mineral make up has going for it is that it is better for skin as it doesnt contain irritants. Well they do remove frangrances synthetic dyes, preservatives and binders which of course is going to be kinder to the skin.

Ok so what we have now is Read the label and look for the purer ingredient lists?
Sadly,no. Mineral Make up can also pose health risks(powder mineral make up).
One of the reasons Mineral Make up is so popular is because of the smooth,long lasting coverage it provides,most companies accomplish this by “micronizing" their minerals into microscopic or nanoparticle size, and here is where the danger starts.Please do take note that not all cosmetic companies use nano particles in their formulations.

This following Paragraph is from this website

    Recent UK studies advise of strong health risks when using Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in nano particle form in powdered mineral makeup. These inhaled TiO2 nano particles coming in contact with living tissue have a similar effect as asbestos and can cause lung cancer.    However, TiO2 is safe when contained in cream form as it cannot then become airborne. This is typically the case in sun screens. In cream form, TiO2 stays on the upper layers of the skin and does not come in contact with living tissue

Ok so its dangerous when it comes in contact with living tissue?! Wow that is really quite scary

Upon further research I have found that in large quantities it is dangerous but in small quantities risks are minimal.
Here is a link providing further information on the risks of inhaling mineral make up

Well now my mind is well and truly boggled I’ll leave you to umm and ahh over mineral make up. I hope this has been helpful and untill next time stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous!!

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