Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why am I getting pimples?

So you cleanse,tone and moisturise. Eat pretty well. Stay hydrated but those damn pimples keep popping up?!
Well I have a little bit of info that may help you combat those spots,starting with reasons why they may be coming back to haunt you!

How clean are your hands,make up brushes and sponges? Dirty brushes and sponges are riddled with bacteria,your hands even moreso so cleaning is the key.If I can get to soap and water when applying my make up,I use either a baby wipe to wipe my hands(being a mother I always have these on hand) or a hand sanitizer.
If you use a foundation brush or a sponge and have a spot leave covering this till you have finished otherwise you will spread the pmiples and wash in hot soapy water before using again. Also do not use the wand or stick of concealer straight on to blemishes as this will contaminate your concealer,dab some on your hands and then blend and before moving onto another part of your face wash or wipe your hands using a baby wipeor anti bacterial wipe or use some hand santizer.
Also if you use a concealer brush on pimples make sure you wash it after each use in hot soapy water

Are you washing off all of your cleanser? If you dont wash your cleanser off thouroughly each time it can cause you to breakout. If possible do what I do,cleanse in the shower
If your the kind of woman who likes to be at a sink,use a face cloth to help wash it off and make sure you dont miss your hair and jawline.If a standard face cloth is too harsh for your skin,use a muslin cloth available at most baby stores

Like a glass of wine or 10(well any alcoholic beverage really)? This is going to be absorbed by your bloodstream and can wreak havoc with our skin,make sure your drinking plenty of water between glasses of wine(or whatever your drink of choice is

Got clean pillowcases? Bacteria breeds in your pillow and hey you sleep on it every night! Turn your pillow each night,change your pillowcase every few days. Latex pillows are also more hygenic than feather or down types

Stress and Hormones! This one is so obvious I wasnt even going to mention it but hey may as well! For women stress and hormones are linked and when we are stressed,our hormones go out of whack causing a surge of cortisol and oestrogen. No matter how busy you are take time each day to relax. Have a nice hot bath or shower,slap on a face mask,lie down in a nice warm room and listen to some music.Go for a walk.Get plenty of sleep to help your skin regulate and repair itself

Till next time lovelies,stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous

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