Saturday, October 16, 2010

Coz its true,I glue,I glue,I glue,I glue,I glue woahwoah!

Arent ya just loving my cheesy tag lines? The above if you dont recognise it,is inspired by the song I do by Abba (youtube it if you dont know it,GREAT SONG) anyway thats way off topic!

This post is about false eyelashes(get it,I glue?). Now not long ago I finally figured out how to put on falsies and boy Im glad I did!!
Today I was at the 1,2,3 Dollar Store and saw these amazingly thick gorgeous falsies
So for the huge price of $2 I thought "Gotta have them,what have I got to lose?"
Now the glue that comes with it is crap(but hey do you really expect great lashes AND glue for $2?). Dont get me wrong it does work I just dont like it.
Now while I cant say all 1,2,3 dollar stores have them I am saying if you see falsies in cheap stores, try them,use your own eyelash glue and give them a whirl! they look great on

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