Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Ugly Face of Beauty

Ok its been over a week since I last made a post but I do have good reason and it is due to what Im working on for this blog.
As Ive said before I am not a professional and what Im working on  requires a fair bit of research and everytime I think Im nearly done I decide to take it in another direction! So while I work on that I have to come up with a few ideas to keep this up to date. 

Today my mind is filled with Cosmetic Surgery. I have always wanted cosmetic surgery,have been wanting breast augmentation since I was 16,lipo since I was 21,abdominoplasty since I was 19 and always thought I would get a facelift when I hit 50 but after seeing a programme called The Ugly Face of Beauty that all changed

Here is a link to watch some episodes online http://www.casttv.com/shows/the-ugly-face-of-beauty   although I will warn you that some of the content is graphic BUT if you are interested in Cosmetic Surgery or even considering having a procedure done I think you may enjoy it

Stay simply stunningly gorgeous!xx

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I see Red I see Red I see Red

Instant Glamour:RED LIPSTICK

Avon My lip miracle in incREDible

I tend to shy away from red lipstick and focus more on my eyes,one night I could not be bothered doing much make up wise(I think I was coming down with something life threatening for me not to want to do my make up!) anyway I did a very light smokey eye with winged liquid liner and popped on some red lippy and WOW! Instant glam. I know your not sposed to do smokey eye with red lips but it really did look fantastic.
 On another occasion I was in a time  crunch so swept a beige eyeshadow over my lid,put some liner on my waterline chucked on falsies on the outer corners and swiped on some red lippy,the look took all of 5 mins(most of that time was to allow the eyelash glue to become tacky) and I was ready to go
I do suggest trying it out sometime,its bold but its timeless elegance!
Loreal Glamshine in Timeless Ruby

Tips for wearing red lipstick
-Make sure your nails and lip colour dont clash. Hot pink nails and bright red lippy is a no no.French Tips and Red Lips=Class!
-Dont wear red on your lips and nails unless they are the EXACT same shade
-Dont go overboard with blush if your wearing red lipstick keep it light or skip 
-Use lip liner as red lipstick tends to bleed
-To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth after you apply your lipstick place your finger in your mouth, gently close your lips around your finger, and then pull your finger out of your mouth. This will remove the excess lipstick from your lips. Blot your lips using a tissue. For extra protection use a tiny dab of vaseline and lightly coat your teeth with it,not the best flavour but the vaseline can help act as a barrier
-If you have a cool complexion choose true reds or pinkish reds
-If you have a warm complexion choose reds with a brown base like rusty red or brick red
-If you have slightly yellow teeth a blue based red will help your teeth look a bit whiter
- Choosing between a matte and gloss finish is a personal choice. Matte has more staying power whereas gloss is a bit more modern but can smudge alot easier and will require more frequent application
- Take time to get used to it. If you arent used to such a bold look,wear red around the house at first and look in the mirror often to get used to it. It will grow on you and if for some reason it doesnt(might just not be the right shade) at least you gave it a go!
-Confidence. If you arent comfortable and confident in your make up choices it will show on your face.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Product Review:Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme Pout to go

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme pout to go

I am a huge fan of lip plumpers,I find that they plump out the little lines in my lips and make my lips slightly poutier and alot make a great base for my lipstick. Recently I lost my last lip plumper that I loved(which was a sally hansen one too) so when I spotted this at Postie Plus for only $12 I had to have it.

It comes with the full size Lip Inflation Extreme,two mini tinted ones and a little lip shaped purse that is sized to carry the tints in.

It contains the breakthrough plumping Hydro-Collagen Complex with micro spheres of Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid which capture and retain moisture. It contains Cinnamon extract which you can really smell

First off I’ll talk about the lip tints,there is a pale pink and a darker hot pink shade,both contain a slight shimmer. They both contain the same formulation as the regular Lip Inflation Extreme but are tinted(well duh!).

Now onto the Lip Inflation Extreme. Firstly the packaging is gorgeous,there is something about gold packaging that feels very high end to me(although many probably view it as tacky!).
You apply the formula with a brush that is attached to the lid,it is like a clear gloss and gives a glossy finish and that can be good but also bad. If you are using this under your lippy and want a matte/non glossy finish you cant achieve it,you also have to apply more of the lipstick to get the same depth of colour you would get if you werent wearing the Inflation Formula.
 If you apply it over your lippy(so you dont use so much) the colour will transfer onto the brush which can taint the formula and you transfer your lip shade onto the brush.

When you apply it it does tingle,almost sting but I find that with alot of plumpers,if you have sensitive lips,this will probably burn. Definatley do not use it on any broken skin.
I found it did slightly plump my lips but not as well as the lipstick plumpers I have used in the past although it is a noticeable plump.

So quick overview
-Gloss formula so impossible to use if you want a non gloss look
-Has a noticeable plumping effect
- Great if you want plumper lips and a glossy effect
-Has a tingle when applied but is quite a strong tingle
-Comes with two lip tints in pale and hot pink
-Comes with a cute red lip shaped purse to carry your tints in

For $12 it is good value for money,although personally I would not pay any more than $15-$18 for the entire set.

All in all good,not great but good

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Give yourself an at home manicure!

The key to healthy and younger looking hands is treating your hands with kindness. The hands on our skin is exposed to so much in our day to day lives and they are generally the one part of our body that recieves the least amount of TLC so is one of the first parts of our body to show signs of ageing.
If your like me,regular professional manicures are not really an option,so why not treat yourself to an at home manicure?!

I will take you through my weekly manicure regime(I will also list the products I personally use,alot are Nutrimetics Products but I am not trying to endorse or sell them,it just happens to be what I use)

Weekly at home Manicure
Step One: Before you do anything,cut,file and shape your nails,I use Manicare Nail Files. Only cut if needed. Never file wet nails because like your hair when it is wet,nails are weaker and more suseptable to breaking.

Step Two: I soak my hands in a bowl of water with a little bit of my regular cleanser(I use Nutrimetics Hydrafinity Gel cleanser but any cleanser will do) for 5-10 mins. This helps soften rough cuticles and dry skin.

Step Three: I then smother my hands in Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Oil(Vaseline or a thick cream will work just as well) and then cover them with plastic wrap and leave it for 10 mins

Step Four: After I remove the plastic wrap I then exfoliate my hands,for this I use Nutrimetics Nutri Spa Rejuvinating Hand Scrub,you could use your regular exfoliator or you could use salt or sugar as a more budget friendly option.After I rinse off the exfoliant I then exfoliate my nails and cuticles with Avon Nail Experts Soft Cuticles Warming scrub,you could always do this with normal exfoliator or the sugar/salt scrub, I just use the cuticle scrub as my cuticles are shocking.

Step Five: I dry my hands with a clean towel and use the edge of the towel and gently dry the nails and cuticles.

Step Six: I then use a popsicle stick(lol) to gently push back my cuticles. You can use a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick which are available in pharmacies. If I have any loose/sticking out bits of skin around the nail I use either fingernail clippers or nail scissors to cut them off. I  NEVER cut my cuticles,personally I wouldnt even let a professional cut my cuticles as it lays a welcome mat for infection(please note that this is my own personal view on cuticle cutting)

Step Seven: I then take my Nutrimetics Nutri Spa Intensive Hand balm and massage a good amount into my hands,around my nails and cuticles and right up past my wrist to my elbows. For this step any good hand cream or moisturiser would do the trick

Step Eight:(Almost Done!) I use a clean,dry towel and wipe the balm/moisturiser off my cuticles and nails and the immediate surronding area of my nails. I then apply a base coat,let it dry,apply 2 coats of my nail polish,let it dry then apply and top coat 

Voila,at home manicure! May not be as relaxing as a professional one but it gets the job done

Let me know if you try it!

Till next time,stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous! xx


head to nzsale.co.nz for some great L'oreal deals,not sure how much longer it has to go,it started Saturday so head over,check it out and pick up some bargains

Im stoked to find that my perfect lipstick shade that I thought was discontinued when I could no longer find it,it still exists!! So Im going to have to get it at some stage!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My first vid on YouTube!

My first vid on YouTube,more of an introduction but check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpO8IlVjag0

Products I want to try

With the weather being hotter my make up look completely changes. I go for lighter shadow,less eyeliner,lighter weight foundation or a tinted moisturiser,bronzer and lip glosses rather than lipsticks. There are two products I want to try this summer so am hoping I get a chance to

First on my list is Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream with an SPF 15

For only $20 your getting an anti wrinkle cream,tinted moisturiser,SPF15 to protect against sun induced premature ageing and it contains UVA/UVB filters!  I love products that have more than one benefit and I have to say that this is one of those types of products

Next on my wish list is Maybelline Shine Sensational lip gloss. I dont know much about the actual lip gloss itself but I saw a review on You Tube that left me keen to try it
  So those are two products on my summer wish list,of course there is alot more I want but Im being simple and sticking with these two products so if I do get a chance to try them I'll let you know how I get on

Till next time ladies,Stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous xx

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can you fake it till you make it?

Today my post is a bit different than usual,Im not talking about products or make up looks I am talking about confidence and self esteem and can you fake it?

Now the reason this thought came about was because lately I have been feeling very low,I feel disgustingly fat,hideously ugly and just that I am not a nice person at all. When I feel low I usually have a cuddle with my daughters or I'll put on an outfit that I love,do my hair,play with my make up and 30 mins later(ok 2-3 hours!honesty here) I feel heaps better,but lately that hasn't been working for me.

Looking back over the years I went back to my school days and remembered myself at about the age10-12. I was horribly timid and shy. 
One nasty look or mean word,my bottom lip would quiver,eyes would well with tears and I would be destroyed. No exageration here, I was scared to look at people on the street. At school I was bullied often, and it was drummed into me to the point where I believed everything that these bullies said was true. To this day I still can't 100% forgive what was said as I still carry a little bit of hurt for the young girl that is still inside me but I can see now that what was said was nasty and kids being kids.

Anyway back to my point,because of the bullying I went to a high school that was in a different area away from the bullies and my peers,it gave me a chance for a fresh start. The only problem was, I knew NO ONE!

So,you have painfully shy me,new school,100's of people I dont know. My first day at high school was the start of a new me,I somehow got courage,put a smile on my face(maybe it was a grimace,I was so terrified) went up to a group of girls who obviously already new each other and introduced myself with as much confidence as I could muster. And from then on I adopted my mantra:Fake it till you make it.

Now my whole Fake it till you make it is focused on confidence and self esteem. When I feel low or shy I pretend that Im not. If I feel ugly or low, I do hair,makeup,outfit etc,put a smile on my face,hold my head high and pretend that everyone thinks Im gorgeous, now they very well probably dont but in doing so it builds my confidence.  I do this everyday till I am in a place where I do feel beautiful and the confidence is natural. Sure from time to time it is going to get knocked back but thats when I start faking it again and it never fails me.
I know Im not the prettiest,Im certainly not the thinnest(ok not thin at all!!)I dont have the clearest skin,I dont have the best hair but I can realise that beauty comes in different forms,shapes,colour and sizes

The thing is when you are confident,it shows and you become more attractive because confidence can make you seem happier and when it is true confidence it shows in your face

So if your feeling low,ugly,shy etc FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. Wake up in the mirror and think"I am a beautiful person,inside and out",repeat it everyday till you believe it!
And remember it doesnt matter if your fat,thin,tall,short,young or old,if you have a heart,are kind and stay true to yourself,your beautiful,no matter what anyone says. Dont let anyone bring you down !

I dont know if this helps anyone,or if its even read worthy and just my emotional babble,but here I am,laying it out in internet land for all to see.

Till next time stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous xx

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Products Im in love with right now

Thought I'd share a few products Im using alot and loving right now-these are also mini reviews. A few products I wont be doing a mini review on as they deserve a review all of their own

First off is an eyeshadow quad I've had for awhile now and use ALOT and it is the Australis Intenifeye in The Big Smoke

The reason I love this particular quad is because you have 4 great colours,white,gray,deep navy and black. They all have a shimmer to them which is something I love in eyeshadow. This quad gives you everything you need shadow wise to create the perfect smokey eye.

Lipsticks,well I have someone very special to thank for this and her name is Sonja. After asking for some make up ideas/challenges she suggested bright pink lips which I tried,and LOVED and now two of my previously neglected lipsticks are now constantly in my handbag make up kit!Please note the photos may not be the exact shade as I use,it was very hard to find photos of the exact shade

Both are Avon products the first being Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick in Pink Berry which I didnt actually want when I bought it but it came in a bulk lot,I wanted one product and the whole lot was less than what the product I wanted retails for so I got it and now I am so so glad I did!!

The main benefit apart from it being pink is that it is a mineral Lipstick. It also has a glittery sparkle,Im trying to determine if the sparkle is silver or gold,I thought it was gold but now Im leaning more towards silver. It has quite decent staying power and it is so so pretty

My next lipstick is Pro to Go in  Rose Sorbet. Im not even sure if Avon still sells this as they like discontinuing products that I adore(Like my mousse foundation which was perfect for me!)This I also didnt order,got this a wee while ago and it was a replacement product,total opposite to the nude shade I ordered
This pink is a much brighter pink than Pink Berry.

It has a slight,subtle shimmer and the coolest packaging,rather than having a lid you pull off and twist it up like most lipsticks this has a little thing on the side you slide up the lipstick top flips open and out slides the lipstick,very cool  and easy one handed application! This looks amazing on,I either use it on its own or as a base for Pink Berry if Im wanting a little more shimmer. Good staying power and amazing colour!and it glides on so smoothly

Onto mascara.I have mentioned this fleetingly in a previous eyelash post and that is Avon(again) SuperCurlacious mascara in Black(I only ever use black mascara).Its wand its curved which not only curls but helps apply the formula evenly.

Its is long wearing and doesnt flake and easy to remove with a little eye make up remover,While it is amazing it does nothing for volume (which is fine as it doesnt claim to but thought I'd just add that in)Its quite affordable too so wont break the bank

Hairspray I love is Garnier Fructis Style Elastic Power Fix Hairspray.It claims its extra strong and on their "hold scale" has a rating of 3 out of 5 which is pretty good.

I love that while it holds my hair in place that it doesnt make my hair rock hard and is pretty easy to brush out.

I have a few more products I would like to list but will save them for later

Until then lovelies stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous xx