Friday, October 1, 2010

The big bad sun

The sun is a lot more damaging than most of us really care to think about. We may think of sun damage when we get a bad sunburn, when we pick up a moisturiser with an SPF but we really should be thinking about the damage the sun can do and what steps we can take to prevent it

Sunburn and excessive tanning is the damage the sun does that we can see, but what about the damage we can’t see?
First off, it doesn’t have to be a sunny day for the sun to harm your skin.... scary thought huh?
UV rays penetrate deep into your skin and kill living skin cells. Your body then has to work hard to try and fix this (the process then results in the hot and red sunburn). Sunburn can lead to DNA damage, repeated sunburns increase your risk of developing skin cancer because of this damage to your DNA

Skin cancer can happen to anyone but those more susceptible are
·       Fair skin that burns easily in the sun
·       Red or fair hair
·       If you have alot of moles or freckles
·       Family history of skin cancer
·       Have had sunburn

90% of skin cancers are the result of sun damage, so now is the time to slip, slop, slap and wrap!

If you notice any mole changes remember to go straight to your doctor and check moles on a regular basis.

If you’re a tanner and thinking sun beds are a safe alternative think again, your skin will be exposed to harmful and damaging UV rays

UVA rays also damage collagen which is the protein that holds your skin together keeping it smooth, plump and firm. Collagen cannot rebuild itself and once the collagen structure breaks down it results in wrinkles

When choosing a sunscreen the higher the SPF the better. Apply sunscreen under moisturiser and at least 20 minutes before apply make up to allow it to penetrate your skin and start working. Using a moisturiser and/or foundation with an SPF just protects your skin a little bit further, although if you use a sunscreen daily you shouldn’t need to worry too much about your other products containing SPF

When applying your sunscreen don’t forget your neck, the back of your neck, chest, arms and your ears. Any body part that is exposed needs sunscreen. Carry your sunscreen with you if you may be removing clothing layers later on.

Also make sure you are protecting your eyes as the sun can damage them and if badly damaged this can cause irreversible damage and worst case scenario: BLINDNESS!!

Now with my other blogs I have been recommending products but this time I’m not. I am going to tell you what I use, prices and where you can get it from. I just think sunscreen is something so important and I am no expert so would not feel comfortable recommending any. I am sharing with you what I use and leave it at that.
I use New Zealand Cancer society Broad spectrum SPF 30+
I also use Nutrimetics Sun Days Sunscreen Cream SPF 30+

I hope this has been helpful in helping you maintain gorgeous skin!!

DISCLAIMER: Although all care has been taken in research for this article it should not replace advice given to you by a dermatologist, doctor or other skin care professional

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