Sunday, October 24, 2010

Product Review:L'oreal Paris Elvive Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner

Today I am reviewing L'oreal Paris Elvive Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner

This particular duo is as the title says,anti frizz and it claims to be for:Difficult to smooth,Dry or Wavy hair

It claims 48 hour anti frizz,contains Silk protein and Argan Oil and "Smoothes,Calms,Nourishes,Sleek, Fluid, Managable hair"

Now to let you know a bit about my hair is it is naturally wavy but very frizzy if blor dried or left to air dry,the only thing that reduces the frizz is if I straighten my hair or use an anti frizz serum which I dont like to use as they are often very very greasy and to be honest Im on a budget so cannot afford to always have a good quality serum on hand. Lately all shampoo and conditioners have been failing to produce the result they promise

There are a few reasons I bought this particular shampoo and conditioner
1:I heard rave reviews on it on the TradeMe health and beauty messageboards

2:It cost the same as most other shampoo and conditioners at the supermarket

3: It claims to fix all the problems I have been having with my hair and I was at the end of my tether will all the other shampoo's I had tried but did not get results from

I loved this Shampoo and Conditioner from the very first wash.It smells great and the thing I loved about the conditioner the most was when I smoothed it through my hair and rinsed it out it didnt feel all slick and greasy like most of my previous conditioners but my hair still felt smooth and silky.

I was very sceptical about how it would leave my hair once dry so I blow dried my hair(no brushing or trying to style like I usually do just a straight blasting) and wow I was so shocked when I saw how frizz free it was once dry,especially seeing how rough I was with my hair!Plus my hair felt so soft

Ok so it passed the first test,the second was how it would leave my hair once air dried(just leaving my hair loose and letting it dry throughout the morning) and I have to say it kept its promise,my hair was not at all frizzy and again was so so soft

So the 3rd and final test,how frizz free would my hair remain for 48 hours? Well my hair wasnt completely frizz free but bear in mind I had slept on it and played in the wind with the kids,running around but there was very little frizz and it was as soft as it was at the start of the 48 hours

My hair has been so much more manageable in the week I have been using this and I will continue to use this shampoo and conditioner for good!!

So how highly do I rate this product?So highly there arent enough stars to rate it with. So below I'll just leave a list of why I love it

-Smells Lovely
-Left my hair silky and soft
-Kept its 48 hour anti frizz promise
-My hair is alot more manageable
-The conditioner doesnt feel slimy or greasy in wet hair

So thats my review,I got each of these for less than $6 at the supermarket so it is such a bargain,you get so much for so little!


  1. It is a great shampoo I've ever tried. And Loreal paris brand is my favorite when it comes to hair.
    I have a thin and dry hair which tends to easily get frizz which I hate. But when I started using this shampoo I could really feel that softness and flexibility on my hair. I love keep touching them.
    i would highly recommend this shampoo as it does as it claims. And moreover it smells lovely.