Saturday, October 9, 2010


Last night I had a good night out with a good friend of mine and I had the most dramatic eye look going on (will post the photos later). Pretty much the look was thick,black gel eyeliner along my upper,lower and waterline some grey,dark shimmery navy blue and some shimmery black on my upper lids,white under my brows as a highlight and a light dusting of grey underneath the black liner of my lower lash line. ANYWAY with a look this dramatic insane lashes had to go with it. So I get ready to do my eyelashes and thought,no!Now is the perfect time to practice putting on the falsies.
Well I tried,and tried,and tried and then tried some more. I then realised that the only reason they weren't working is because the inner quarter of my lash line was quite watery and it  just would not stick. So I bravely got my scissors and trimmed them.applied glue,put them on my eyes and voila! I had done it!!

Now I am going to do a YouTube tutorial on eyelashes for beginners  or if your interested go onto YouTube and search for a tutorial,they are so helpful. But here are some steps to how I applied them

1:Sit at a table and place a mirror on the table to look down in
2:Apply glue to lash and while waiting for it to get tacky wiggle the lashes a bit
3:Close you eye and look down into the mirror,you should easily see your lash line
4:Take the falsie and put the middle of it on your lash where you want it to sit then work on attaching the inner and outer lash as close to your lash line as possible and pay attention to the outer corners as these are the areas the lashes typically unstick
5:Fill in any gaps with eyeliner

Now I found when I first put the lashes on they were so heavy they were almost uncomfortable although half an hour later they felt natural. I also very gently used my eyelash curler to curl them but that is completely optional

To remove them I soaked a cotton ball in make up remover and used that to help peel them off

I used Manic Panic eyelash glue which is only about $4 and has super hold,the only problem I have with it is the tube is small

Hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday

Stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous! xx

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