Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gorgeous and stunning lashes

I was going to do a video for this BUT my camera broke yesterday(open bottle of coke,camera,handbag you can see where Im going with this!) so sadly I cant even do some pics to show before and afters of my own lashes but if I can get some good ones in natural daylight with my phone tomorrow I will flick them up

Now the following is what I do with my eyelashes to make the lashes really stand out,it may or may not work for you but hey try it,if you dont like it then dont do it again!I use this method as I am pretty hopeless when it comes to applying falsies(still trying but until then...)

Long,curly,luscious lashes(please note you do all the steps on one eye then do the other)
Step 1:Dust your eyelashes with a loose or transluscent powder
Step 2: Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler(you can warm them slightly using a hairdryer)
Step 3:Apply a coat of a curling mascara(I use Avon Supercurlacious) then apply a coat of volumising mascara(Now I use either Maybelline Unstoppable,Avon Spectralash or Nutrimetics Lash impact)
Step 4:Brush your eyelashes while still wet either with a lash brush or a clean mascara wand
Step 5: Start on the other eye

This looks great teamed with dramatic liquid eyeliner!!

If you do try this method please let me know what you think of it!!

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