Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beat Dry skin!

Beat the winter dry spell. Now doesn’t that sound bizarre a dry winter in New Zealand? HA!

In the colder months we are often going from the cold, dry conditions outside to our warm, dry, artificially heated homes or workplaces. 
This wreaks havoc on our skin(and hair!) and can dry it out even if your skin doesn’t normally have a tendency to be on the dry side. I have normal to dry skin so in winter my skin feels so disgusting and it seems that my regular moisturisers just don’t do much.

So I researched it a little and found my solution, nature’s moisturiser: HONEY!

Yes, the stuff we use for toast or sandwiches and to naturally sweeten other things we consume.
Honey is a humectant, which means it attracts, retains and draws in moisture and because it is an anti irritant it makes it suitable for very sensitive skin (it also contains anti microbial properties and can help treat minor irritations and sunburn!). Honey can also help bring back silkiness and softness to the hair too ( I have included my hair regime in here too!)

Ok so I have been using this little skin regime 3 nights a week for a few weeks now and I have noticed a dramatic change in the condition of my skin, it has lost the awful, almost scaly feeling and its feeling soft, smooth and supple again. So I’ll outline for you what I do, you may want to follow it to a tee, you may chop and change a few things or you may not try it at all

Step One: First I wash, cleanse and exfoliate my face to remove dry skin and/or dead skin cells (I use Anew Clinical Micro Exfoliant which is more of a gentle at home micro dermabrasion type scrub but any regular exfoliant will do)

Step Two: Once I have thoroughly removed all traces of makeup, cleanser and exfoliant I pin and tie back my hair and pop on a 
headband. Then I put a towel around my neck to cover my chest and clothing (trust me, with honey on warm skin you need it).I then slather my face in honey (it feels weird but it does wonders). It is also good to use after an exfoliant (especially a rough one) as it helps soothe the skin

Step Three: For the next 10-15 minutes I sit with honey on my face like a mask. It is said that unfiltered, unprocessed honey is best but if you can’t find any, regular honey will do the trick. During this time the honey will melt and drip off your face, I just use a finger and slap it back on.

Step Four: After 10-15 minutes it’s time to rinse off the honey, I usually jump in the shower to do this as I can rinse it off thoroughly.

Step Five: You may notice that already your skin feels softer. I usually apply my regular night moisturiser and eye cream now. I also use Blistex Lip Conditioner SPF 20 every morning, noon and night

My hair regime is more focused on products but does include a step involving honey (my hair is already fried from bleaching).I also do this 3 times a week to coincide with my face routine at night. It is focused on making your hair look healthier as well as helping it repair

Step One: I take a hair masque (I use L’Oreal Elvive Total Restore 5 hair Masque) and apply to dry hair, I leave this for 10 minutes (the package says to use on towel dried hair after washing then rinse off after 2 minutes, but I find this way works well for me)

Step Two: After 10 minutes I rinse it out, I don’t use shampoo when I do this as it can strip the hair of its natural oils which I do not want to do. For the final rinse I use a cup full of water mixed with a teaspoon of honey

Step Three: After I towel dry my hair I apply a few drops of L’Oreal Elvive Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum through my hair. You are supposed to apply this either before or after styling (I can’t quite remember) on dry hair but I use it on damp hair as well as I find it works really well.

Step Four: At this point I will go to bed; I try not to blow-dry my hair too much because I also straighten it and like to avoid using too many heated appliances on my hair. If I must blow dry it I also use a heat protectant spray

Step Five: In the morning after straightening my hair I use a few more drops of L’Oreal Elvive Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Serum if I have any flyaways (generally I don’t after using it at night)

So I hope this helps anyone who may be struggling with their skin going dry on them in winter (well anytime of the year) and anyone who wants to make their hair look and feel healthier

Till Next time
Stay simply stunningly gorgeous!

Disclaimer: Please note that this is not to be used for skin conditions that need to be treated by a dermatologist or to replace a skin care regime recommended by a skin specialist,doctor or dermatologist. If you have serious skin conditions or the like please consult a dermatologist or medical professional before using any advice offered through this blog. I take no responsibility for any harmful reactions that may come from following the information provided here(Im covering my own butt here guys!)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Product Review: Australis Lash TLC Conditioning Mascara

Over the past week I have had the great pleasure of trying two new fantastic mascaras new to Australis Cosmetics, I am so excited to share my find with you all as these are two pretty awesome mascaras! They are Australis Lash TLC (tender loving care) Conditioning Mascara!

First off I'm going to tell you the two different types,there is Lash TLC Conditioning Blackest Black and Lash TLC conditioning Black Curling. They come in darling hot pink and black tubes,they are so cute!

Now this is why they are so unique,they are conditioning mascaras which means they care for your lashes while giving you the look you want. They contain Vitamin E which helps protect against free radical and environmental damage and Vitamin B5  (I'm going to quote directly from the website as they explain it just how I would) to moisturise hair against brittleness and breakage, strengthening and conditioning each lash one by one(unquote here).
For me,this is perfect as I have noticed alot of my lashes breaking and falling out recently, I do not know the cause,it may be my previous macara or it may be the way I remove my make up Im not sure but Im thinking if I can help my lashes then Im all for it!
Ok so I'll give you the little info from the website then I will give you my review on these two mascaras.

What is it :The Ultimate All-in-One formulation combining volume, length and definition. Containing nourishing vitamins, Vitamin E to protect lashes against damage caused by free radicals and environmental stresses and Vitamin B5 to moisturise hair against brittleness and breakage, strengthening and conditioning each lash one by one. Also enriched with silk powder, a protein containing 18 kinds of amino acids.
Why we love it: Beautiful, nourished and protected lashes are just a stroke away. Lashes will be grateful for being treated with this All-in-One formulation that is not only a protein enricher but a lash fixer!

Now when I try out products,I make sure I know what the company claims the product does and then keep an eye out to see if their product matches their claims.
Now with Lash TLC I have found that even while wearing the product,my lashes feel soft, and after the first 2 applications my bare lashes felt healthier and softer. I have even noticed less lash breakage and less lashes falling out! So this alone is a great reason to use this mascara.

The formula of both types is quite thick which means you dont have to work hard to build colour. I have also found that my lashes are more voluminous and look longer(pics to follow). I have not experienced any product flaking and it is long wearing(12 + Hours).

Blackest black provides an intense black colour payoff and comes with a regular bristle brush(as opposed to a plastic bristle brush that many companies seem to be moving towards)and my lashes look longer and thicker. I love it when you get added,unclaimed bonuses like this from a mascara

This is how it looks on my lashes


Amazing how long they look,the intensity of the black does not show in my photo, but it is fantastic

Black Curling has the same voluminous and lengthening effect with a "lift" and slight curl to the lashes. This curl is achieved by the curved "spoon shaped brush"
I have also found the curl holds really well and is pretty impressive when used in conjunction with an eyelash curler(please note the photo is only using the curl mascara)

This is how it looks


These are pictures of the brushes
Blackest Black

Black Curling

Curved "spoon"brush

I am in total,head over heels love with this mascara.

It will be available in Farmers,Kmart and selected pharmacies from the 1st of May(I believe some Farmers stores already stock it but dont take my word for it)along with the new Paparazzi Perfect HD line which is new to Australis(foundations, tinted moisturisers,blush,eyeshadow etc). The RRP is $18 per tube

 If I had to give this product a rating out of 10,it would be a perfect 10 out of 10! 

Please note: All opinions expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone. I am not paid by any company to review products.
The before and after photos on this blog are of my eyes and are not digitally enhanced in any way.The only products used on my lashes in these photos are the Autralis Lash TLC mascara, no false lashes,enhances or extensions have been used