Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well its Sunday and in the morning we wake up to the start of a new week!!

This week is going to hopefully be good, blog wise.Have some new products Im trying and will be reviewing, another australis foundation review,hopefully a video for my youtube channel and maybe some new make up looks and an article on ingrown hairs so I better be motivated and do it!!

Today I tried ANOTHER nail look
Wow look how fat my fingers look! Pretty much its a new take on a French Mani,hot pink with black tips. Recently some of my nails snapped so my original french mani doesnt look so hot(plus I was stuck in a rut) so am trying out some new looks. So far out of the 4 nail looks Ive tried only this one and my spotty one I posted yesterday have been worth a mention!

Ok so two products Im trying out this week are the shampoo and conditioner by L'oreal Paris Elvive,hopefully it will restore my hair to its former glory and a nivea visage firming gradual tanner(I dont have it on hand right now so will let you know the name of it when I write the review)

So now it is time for me to go to bed but hopefully this week I get some new followers(if you know anyone who may be interested in my blog give them the link pretty please!)

So untill tomorrow stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous xx

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