Friday, October 1, 2010


Moisturisers, everyone should use one whether your 13 or 90!

Moisturisers play a vital role in helping retain your skins natural moisture and adding moisture,keeping your skin moisturised makes it supple,smooth and flexible. Moisturising helps in keeping your skin looking younger(as dehydrated skin tends to wrinkle sooner). Lack of moisture leaves the skin not just looking unhealthy but makes it brittle and rough
Moisturiser is best applied to a damp face,this could be after your shower or after you cleanse.

Everyone needs to use a moisturiser, yes even those of you with oily skin. Oil is not moisture and excess oil DOES NOT keep your skin hydrated. Think of it this way, you would you substitute water with cooking oil? Absolutley not! So do not make the mistake of skipping moisturiser if you have oily skin.

If you have oily skin choose a water based moisturiser
If you have dry skin,an oil based moisturiser is your best bet,you may also benefit from a thicker moisturiser depending on how dry your skin is.

When choosing a moisturiser check what skin type it is desgined for and only use one designed for your skin type.

Protection against the sun is also very important so choosing a moisturiser with an SPF is great,the higher the SPF the better but you may also want to apply sunscreen underneath your moisturiser for added protection.

Also night moisturisers are important,just make sure you use a night formulation and again make sure it is suited for your skin type.

I reccomend that you do not use an anti ageing formulation until you are at least 30,Ive made the mistake and Im sure many others have too. Living in a beauty obsessed world where youth is valued ,we all want to look young but anti ageing formulations are heavier and more moisturising because more mature skin needs that extra moisture,if your under 30 you DO NOT NEED IT and more than likely will not benefit from it! If you are concerned about ageing and are under 30, use an eye cream instead,they work wonders!!

 You do not have to spend a bomb on moisturisers to get fantastic results!

The following moisturisers I have used(the Olay and Nutrimetics one I currently use) .The Olay 7 signs of ageing one I have used BUT as I was only 21 at the time it was not suited for my skin however my Mum used it(I gave it to her as I switched to my current Olay moisturiser) and she loves it. I have chosen mostly supermarket available brands as they are the ones I use and get fantastic results from. They are also a bit more affordable.

Olay Complete SPF 15 $14.79 from Supermarkets

Nivea Visage Young Control Shine moisturising gel cream $11.79 from Supermarkets

Nivea Visage Q10 plus anti wrinkle ngiht cream $18.89 from Supermarkets

Olay Total Effects SPF 15 $33.70 from Supermarkets

Nutrimetics Hydrafinity Skin Hydrator with Vitamin C $47 available from or email me at to order,free postage within New Zealand!!

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