Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I see Red I see Red I see Red

Instant Glamour:RED LIPSTICK

Avon My lip miracle in incREDible

I tend to shy away from red lipstick and focus more on my eyes,one night I could not be bothered doing much make up wise(I think I was coming down with something life threatening for me not to want to do my make up!) anyway I did a very light smokey eye with winged liquid liner and popped on some red lippy and WOW! Instant glam. I know your not sposed to do smokey eye with red lips but it really did look fantastic.
 On another occasion I was in a time  crunch so swept a beige eyeshadow over my lid,put some liner on my waterline chucked on falsies on the outer corners and swiped on some red lippy,the look took all of 5 mins(most of that time was to allow the eyelash glue to become tacky) and I was ready to go
I do suggest trying it out sometime,its bold but its timeless elegance!
Loreal Glamshine in Timeless Ruby

Tips for wearing red lipstick
-Make sure your nails and lip colour dont clash. Hot pink nails and bright red lippy is a no no.French Tips and Red Lips=Class!
-Dont wear red on your lips and nails unless they are the EXACT same shade
-Dont go overboard with blush if your wearing red lipstick keep it light or skip 
-Use lip liner as red lipstick tends to bleed
-To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth after you apply your lipstick place your finger in your mouth, gently close your lips around your finger, and then pull your finger out of your mouth. This will remove the excess lipstick from your lips. Blot your lips using a tissue. For extra protection use a tiny dab of vaseline and lightly coat your teeth with it,not the best flavour but the vaseline can help act as a barrier
-If you have a cool complexion choose true reds or pinkish reds
-If you have a warm complexion choose reds with a brown base like rusty red or brick red
-If you have slightly yellow teeth a blue based red will help your teeth look a bit whiter
- Choosing between a matte and gloss finish is a personal choice. Matte has more staying power whereas gloss is a bit more modern but can smudge alot easier and will require more frequent application
- Take time to get used to it. If you arent used to such a bold look,wear red around the house at first and look in the mirror often to get used to it. It will grow on you and if for some reason it doesnt(might just not be the right shade) at least you gave it a go!
-Confidence. If you arent comfortable and confident in your make up choices it will show on your face.

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