Sunday, November 7, 2010

Give yourself an at home manicure!

The key to healthy and younger looking hands is treating your hands with kindness. The hands on our skin is exposed to so much in our day to day lives and they are generally the one part of our body that recieves the least amount of TLC so is one of the first parts of our body to show signs of ageing.
If your like me,regular professional manicures are not really an option,so why not treat yourself to an at home manicure?!

I will take you through my weekly manicure regime(I will also list the products I personally use,alot are Nutrimetics Products but I am not trying to endorse or sell them,it just happens to be what I use)

Weekly at home Manicure
Step One: Before you do anything,cut,file and shape your nails,I use Manicare Nail Files. Only cut if needed. Never file wet nails because like your hair when it is wet,nails are weaker and more suseptable to breaking.

Step Two: I soak my hands in a bowl of water with a little bit of my regular cleanser(I use Nutrimetics Hydrafinity Gel cleanser but any cleanser will do) for 5-10 mins. This helps soften rough cuticles and dry skin.

Step Three: I then smother my hands in Nutrimetics Nutri Rich Oil(Vaseline or a thick cream will work just as well) and then cover them with plastic wrap and leave it for 10 mins

Step Four: After I remove the plastic wrap I then exfoliate my hands,for this I use Nutrimetics Nutri Spa Rejuvinating Hand Scrub,you could use your regular exfoliator or you could use salt or sugar as a more budget friendly option.After I rinse off the exfoliant I then exfoliate my nails and cuticles with Avon Nail Experts Soft Cuticles Warming scrub,you could always do this with normal exfoliator or the sugar/salt scrub, I just use the cuticle scrub as my cuticles are shocking.

Step Five: I dry my hands with a clean towel and use the edge of the towel and gently dry the nails and cuticles.

Step Six: I then use a popsicle stick(lol) to gently push back my cuticles. You can use a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick which are available in pharmacies. If I have any loose/sticking out bits of skin around the nail I use either fingernail clippers or nail scissors to cut them off. I  NEVER cut my cuticles,personally I wouldnt even let a professional cut my cuticles as it lays a welcome mat for infection(please note that this is my own personal view on cuticle cutting)

Step Seven: I then take my Nutrimetics Nutri Spa Intensive Hand balm and massage a good amount into my hands,around my nails and cuticles and right up past my wrist to my elbows. For this step any good hand cream or moisturiser would do the trick

Step Eight:(Almost Done!) I use a clean,dry towel and wipe the balm/moisturiser off my cuticles and nails and the immediate surronding area of my nails. I then apply a base coat,let it dry,apply 2 coats of my nail polish,let it dry then apply and top coat 

Voila,at home manicure! May not be as relaxing as a professional one but it gets the job done

Let me know if you try it!

Till next time,stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous! xx

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