Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can you fake it till you make it?

Today my post is a bit different than usual,Im not talking about products or make up looks I am talking about confidence and self esteem and can you fake it?

Now the reason this thought came about was because lately I have been feeling very low,I feel disgustingly fat,hideously ugly and just that I am not a nice person at all. When I feel low I usually have a cuddle with my daughters or I'll put on an outfit that I love,do my hair,play with my make up and 30 mins later(ok 2-3 hours!honesty here) I feel heaps better,but lately that hasn't been working for me.

Looking back over the years I went back to my school days and remembered myself at about the age10-12. I was horribly timid and shy. 
One nasty look or mean word,my bottom lip would quiver,eyes would well with tears and I would be destroyed. No exageration here, I was scared to look at people on the street. At school I was bullied often, and it was drummed into me to the point where I believed everything that these bullies said was true. To this day I still can't 100% forgive what was said as I still carry a little bit of hurt for the young girl that is still inside me but I can see now that what was said was nasty and kids being kids.

Anyway back to my point,because of the bullying I went to a high school that was in a different area away from the bullies and my peers,it gave me a chance for a fresh start. The only problem was, I knew NO ONE!

So,you have painfully shy me,new school,100's of people I dont know. My first day at high school was the start of a new me,I somehow got courage,put a smile on my face(maybe it was a grimace,I was so terrified) went up to a group of girls who obviously already new each other and introduced myself with as much confidence as I could muster. And from then on I adopted my mantra:Fake it till you make it.

Now my whole Fake it till you make it is focused on confidence and self esteem. When I feel low or shy I pretend that Im not. If I feel ugly or low, I do hair,makeup,outfit etc,put a smile on my face,hold my head high and pretend that everyone thinks Im gorgeous, now they very well probably dont but in doing so it builds my confidence.  I do this everyday till I am in a place where I do feel beautiful and the confidence is natural. Sure from time to time it is going to get knocked back but thats when I start faking it again and it never fails me.
I know Im not the prettiest,Im certainly not the thinnest(ok not thin at all!!)I dont have the clearest skin,I dont have the best hair but I can realise that beauty comes in different forms,shapes,colour and sizes

The thing is when you are confident,it shows and you become more attractive because confidence can make you seem happier and when it is true confidence it shows in your face

So if your feeling low,ugly,shy etc FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT. Wake up in the mirror and think"I am a beautiful person,inside and out",repeat it everyday till you believe it!
And remember it doesnt matter if your fat,thin,tall,short,young or old,if you have a heart,are kind and stay true to yourself,your beautiful,no matter what anyone says. Dont let anyone bring you down !

I dont know if this helps anyone,or if its even read worthy and just my emotional babble,but here I am,laying it out in internet land for all to see.

Till next time stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous xx

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  1. Hey Kimberley!!
    Awesome post, I love it and gives me somethings to think about for myself!
    Keep up your awesome work girl!