Saturday, November 13, 2010

Product Review:Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme Pout to go

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme pout to go

I am a huge fan of lip plumpers,I find that they plump out the little lines in my lips and make my lips slightly poutier and alot make a great base for my lipstick. Recently I lost my last lip plumper that I loved(which was a sally hansen one too) so when I spotted this at Postie Plus for only $12 I had to have it.

It comes with the full size Lip Inflation Extreme,two mini tinted ones and a little lip shaped purse that is sized to carry the tints in.

It contains the breakthrough plumping Hydro-Collagen Complex with micro spheres of Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid which capture and retain moisture. It contains Cinnamon extract which you can really smell

First off I’ll talk about the lip tints,there is a pale pink and a darker hot pink shade,both contain a slight shimmer. They both contain the same formulation as the regular Lip Inflation Extreme but are tinted(well duh!).

Now onto the Lip Inflation Extreme. Firstly the packaging is gorgeous,there is something about gold packaging that feels very high end to me(although many probably view it as tacky!).
You apply the formula with a brush that is attached to the lid,it is like a clear gloss and gives a glossy finish and that can be good but also bad. If you are using this under your lippy and want a matte/non glossy finish you cant achieve it,you also have to apply more of the lipstick to get the same depth of colour you would get if you werent wearing the Inflation Formula.
 If you apply it over your lippy(so you dont use so much) the colour will transfer onto the brush which can taint the formula and you transfer your lip shade onto the brush.

When you apply it it does tingle,almost sting but I find that with alot of plumpers,if you have sensitive lips,this will probably burn. Definatley do not use it on any broken skin.
I found it did slightly plump my lips but not as well as the lipstick plumpers I have used in the past although it is a noticeable plump.

So quick overview
-Gloss formula so impossible to use if you want a non gloss look
-Has a noticeable plumping effect
- Great if you want plumper lips and a glossy effect
-Has a tingle when applied but is quite a strong tingle
-Comes with two lip tints in pale and hot pink
-Comes with a cute red lip shaped purse to carry your tints in

For $12 it is good value for money,although personally I would not pay any more than $15-$18 for the entire set.

All in all good,not great but good

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