Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My top 10 Australis Products

Hello Beauty Lovers and welcome to my latest post
Now, I was going to do a “My most used beauty items post” but when I was putting it together I thought hmm there are  A LOT of Australis Products here! Australis has to be one of my 2 favourite brands of makeup (and as you probably see from some of my recent posts I love love love their products!) so I thought I should do a top 5 Australis products. I then realised I can’t choose just 5 so bumped it up to my 10 Top Australis Products
So I wrote out a list of what products I own (as I have listed below) and choose my top products. It was a tough decision when it came to some products but I managed to be cut throat and chose my most used items. I only chose from the items I currently own,not the ones I have tried but no longer use

I love Australis Products because they are high quality without the high price tag. I have also used Australis Products for about 12 years!

Here are the products I own

Australis Colour Inject mineral Lipstick in Salsa and Flamenco
Australis Eyeshadow Primer
Australis IntensifEYE Eyeshadow Quad in The big smoke
Australis IntensifEYE Liquid Eyeliner in Black Shimmer
Australis Lash TLC Mascara in Blackest Black and Black Curling
Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Eyeshadow in Totally Busted
Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Tinted Moisturiser
Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Foundation
Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Blush in Flash it
Australis Stay Put foundation
Australis Perfection Brush on Foundation
Australis Mineral Inject Foundation
Australis Mineral Purity Powder Foundation
Australis Pressed Powder
Australis Primer
Australis Foundation Brush
Australis Makeup Finishing Spritz
Australis Colour Corrector in Green and Gold
Australis Concealer(stick form)
Australis Nail Colour

So who made the cut? Here are the top 10 in no particular order!

Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick
I use this lipstick more than any other lipstick I own. My most used shade is Flamenco, if I’m having a down day I swipe it on and feel better, if I want a bold look it’s my total go-to lipstick! It doesn’t dry out my lips like a lot of lipsticks do.

Eyeshadow Primer
What on earth did I do before this came out I do not know! I use this daily. While it extends the life of my shadow and intensifies the colours I actually use it under my eyes as a base for my under eye concealer  (makeup artist secret),not only does it make my concealer last longer it helps prevent creasing!. The texture and feel of it is also velvety smooth

Lash TLC
I cannot express how much I love this mascara! I have both Blackest Black and Black curling and love them equally. Both leave my lashes feeling stronger and softer and my lashes look so much longer when I use them. When it comes to this mascara, there is NOTHING wrong with it except I don’t have a lifelong supply!

Paparazzi Perfect HD Blush in Flash it
I love this blush more than any blush I own. Its design alone is funky with the splattering of colours through it, I often squeeze an angled brush and swipe it through the pale colour and use it as a highlight for my cheeks and swirl a blush brush over all of the colours and use as a standard blush, it gives me an awesome healthy, dewy glow

Paparazzi Perfect HD foundation
This is my Holy Grail liquid foundation. It just makes my skin look fantastic! It blurs my imperfections just like it claims to, it doesn’t look or feel heavy or cakey. The coverage is amazing and I can just use a little extra on my problem areas and it doubles as a concealer!

Stay Put foundation
The ultimate summer time must have foundation. It gives me full coverage and through heat, humidity and the oh so awful bodily function perspiration (can I just say EEEEEWWWW!) it STAYS PUT!  I always wear this when I go dancing because there are a lot of people, its hot, its sweaty and when you’re wearing this foundation your face still looks flawless!

Foundation Brush
The Australis foundation brush is my must have tool for applying liquid foundation!

Makeup Finishing Spritz
I could not live without this. This miracle product is something I use every day without fail. I use it to set my makeup, if Im wearing a powder and it looks a little cakey around the eyes(as it almost always does for me)or around the nose it does something and helps all the particles “blend”. Its also awesome to have during the day when your make up starts looking a little flat,a spritz or two somehow refreshes it bringing new life to your makeup

Colour Corrector
These babies are a new find of mine. The colour correctors come in green and gold(the green corrects redness, the gold corrects under eye shadows, dark pigmentation and bruising) I use the green to correct my broken capillaries and the gold under my eyes. I also use a little of the gold as a cheek highlight

Concealer(stick form)
Im not a big fan of stick concealers but this one is FANTASTIC. I was surprised at the fact that I could use it on my under eye area which I can usually only use liquid on otherwise it looks creasy and cakey. I have found this is the best coverage concealer I have ever used bar none!

So there you have it,my top 10 Australis Products!
A few of the products listed I have reviewed right here on my blog so for more in depth info check out the links below. If you want full reviews on any of the products listed please feel free to email requests to me at or visit my Simply Stunningly Gorgeous facebook page and leave a comment or if you have any requests on a blog post covering a particular problem or topic feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to accommodate you
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  1. Great post!
    I've only tried the Australis lipsticks and I LOVE them. I'll definitely check out a few more products now. That's Finishing Mist has caught my eye!!
    Thank you!! xx