Saturday, March 5, 2011

Australis Nail Colour Review

Australis Nail Colour
What is it: high shine, high colour intensity and streak free
Why we love it: Creamier, brighter and more chip resistant! 2 coats is ideal but when we're time poor, even 1 coat provides excellent coverage. 8 hot new shades available!(taken from the website

I have used Australis Nail Colour once before and recently re-purchased it again. I have only tried the shade Ohh La La(dont you just love the name?!Cute!)its a hot pink with like a purply sheen to it(the website says Hot pink with a purple pearl),anyway its a fabulous,stand out,look at ME! shade.

Anyway Australis Nail Colour range has 19(yes NINETEEN!!) shades listed on their website(they also have limited edition colours out now but as I said they are limited edition).

So they claim their polish is streak free,high shine and have high colour intensity. They also claim you can get away with one coat of polish if youre short on time,but how true is this?

I tried to make my nail polish streak to see if I could but I just couldnt streak this product,which in my books is FABULOUS,it means that even the most unexperienced person could apply this and not streak it!
The colour is intense(and my shade is oh so pretty) but I don't think it provides much intensity with one coat,it gives you a light coverage but I definatley reccommend 2 coats for full colour pay off,in this case I think it is more a case of personal preference.

High shine?YOU BETCHA! I cannot believe how shiny my nails were after the polish had well and truly dried! I usually dont get that kind of shine without a top coat.

Chip resistant,well it does do a pretty good job but being a stay at home mum my hands are constantly in water and wiping mucky faces,changing nappies so its not kind on my nails,so inevitably there will be chipping but its not huge chipping just enough to notice.Australis definatley had less chipping than most of the other brands I have used recently without a top coat

The brush is also really lovely to apply polish with not too fat,not too thin,just right.

Australis Nail Colour retails for $7.95 AUD Im not sure exactly how much it is in NZD,IF I remember correctly its roughly $11 and for everything it delivers it is a more than fair price! I love it and I think you will too!

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