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Good ole concealers! They can be your best friend,they hide imperfections,disguise redness,blotchy skin,dark circles etc. But if used incorrectly they can be your worst enemy. A concealer can make the world of difference to your appearance

I am going to share with you my concealer tips and tricks I have learnt through trial and error.

My preferred concealers are liquid and stick concealers. Stick concealers offer more coverage where as liquid applies more smoothly and is more lightweight.

When choosing a concealer make sure you don't go too light. I have read time and time again to go lighter than your skin tone and well I couldn't disagree more! Using a too light shade can actually draw attention to what you are trying to hide,especially when it comes to the under eye/dark circle area. When you go too light it can make your dark circles appear slightly grey and ashy which looks awful. My advice is don't go more than half a shade lighter than your skin tone but don't go any darker than your foundation. Try to match your concealer shade to your foundation shade as closely as you can.

Concealing redness

My red areas are often around my nose and a certain spot on my cheekbone where I have broken capillaries. For this I first use a green based corrector which is designed to disguise redness followed by a concealer although if you don't have a corrector you can just use a concealer.I generally use stick concealer for fuller coverage with less product. I usually use foundation before concealer so I don't have to use too much(as the foundation should help hide the redness). But be sure to blend it in,if you don't you could end up looking a hot mess. I generally then set the concealer with pressed powder.

The under eye area

This is my most challenging area! For ages I read "use a shade lighter than your skin tone" and always looked ashy. Then I would use concealers too heavy for the inner corner and inner half of my under eye. I read everything I could and could never figure out what I was doing wrong,until I read that you shouldn't actually go lighter. How could this be right?I thought to myself,everything I read tells me go lighter and now I'm being told don't?Oh well I'll try it,I cant be any worse off than I am now! All I can say is the difference it made was WOWEEWOW!! No ashy look,I looked well normal yet flawless.
OK moving on the two thing I struggle with is getting my concealer to not seep into fine lines(and ageing me) and concealing bags and under eye circles. Now these two how -tos have worked amazingly for me(yet I have never combined the methods so if you do you could and let me know what you did and if it works for you?!)

Method to reduce under eye concealer creasing

Its almost impossible to stop concealer seeping into fine lines and creasing but this method can help avoid it
You will need
-2 tissues
-An eye lid/eyeshadow primer
-A concealer that matches your skin tone
This method is pretty basic
1:Make sure you have not used an eye cream,if you have gently blot the area with a tissue to absorb excess moisture/oil
2:Apply an eyelid primer to the area you are applying concealer. Eyelid primers help stop eye shadows from creasing and work the same under the eye.You can use any eyelid or eyeshadow primer,I use Australis eyeshadow primer but have also used an avon one as well. Many brands have them available
3:Take your concealer and apply under the eye as usual
4:Take a tissue and separate it so you are left with a very fine tissue "film".Gently pat it over the concealer,this helps soak up excess moisture/oil without disturbing or removing the pigment
5:Avoid using powder to set as powder can exaggerate fine lines
Voila! Crease resistant concealer

Reducing dark shadows
This method is more than concealer but its an option if you have the products needed.The under eye correctors I talk about are widely available if you look for them.It is preferable to use a salmon or bisque coloured corrector(eve pearl and Bobbi brown both have them) but if like me you struggle to find one,I use australis gold colour corrector which works a treat
You will need
-2 tissues
-An eye lid/shadow primer
-A colour corrector designed for dark shadows,bruising etc
-Concealer that matches your skin tone
1:Make sure you have not used an eye cream,if you have gently blot the area with a tissue to absorb excess moisture/oil
2:Apply an eyelid primer to the area you are applying concealer. Eyelid primers help stop eye shadows from creasing and work the same under the eye
3:Take your colour corrector. Apply sparingly to the darker areas,including the inner corner of your eyes,including a little bit on the sides of your nose if needed.Keep applying until the shadows are faded or completely gone.
4,Apply your concealer as usual. Don't be too heavy handed as the corrector should have taken care of concealing the shadows,you are just applying the concealer to blend everything together nicely and create a more flawless look.
5:Set with loose,translucent or pressed powder

Concealing under eye circles and bags

This I have struggled with for AGES! You can chop and change this method to suit you,I use 2 shades of concealers for this method but you can probably get away with one,this is just the way I have always done it. At the end I will also link the video I did back in Feb for this method
You will need
-2 shades of concealer,one slightly lighter than your skin tone and one that matches your skin tone
-A pressed powder(or loose if that is your preference)
1:Take the lighter concealer,with it draw a line from the outer corner to the inner corner of your eye
2:Draw a line from the inner corner straight down,parallel to your nose to parallel to your nostril.
3:From the outer corner of your eye draw a line and connect it where the line ends near your nostril
4:You have now made a weird triangle,blend the concealer in,make sure you blend it right up to your lash line and into the inner corner of your eye if you so desire.
5:If you wish you conceal the veins on your eyelids dab a little concealer over the lid
6:Take the darker shade of concealer and repeat steps 1-4
7:Take a pressed powder and lightly set the concealer,also run this over your eyelid

 Now here is a pic of me with one eye done and the other not,you can see a difference!

Concealing pimples

I have found more often than not concealing large pimples can make them look worse. If your pimple is a Papule (a red lump containing no pus or white head) it is generally easy to conceal. A Pustule on the other hand has a "cap" or "head" on top,caking concealer on these can really highlight the area and make it worse.I'm not going to talk about cystic acne as I have never had any experience with it.

-My best suggestion for concealing pimples is DON'T! You want to let your skin breathe and heal. But seeing as I don't adhere to my own suggestion a few tips I have are
-When applying concealer to a pimple,do not use the brush,applicator or the actual concealer straight onto the pimple. Put some on your finger and apply with your finger(or a clean brush). You do not want to contaminate the product,if you need to add more clean or wipe your finger/brush before dipping it back into the product.
-Use some type of spot treatment under your make up. Tinted spot treatments are available,these are perfect for treating and concealing
-When using concealer on a Papule, gently brush from the outside in towards the pimple blending as you go to conceal the redness,you may just need the lightest strokes over the actual pimple to conceal.
-When you have a Pustule use the same method as a Papule,run the brush up the reddened sides of the pimple but try to avoid concealer on the head/cap as this may cause it to tear or rip off which can make it worse and spread
-Don't over conceal. This only draws attention to the pimple making it look worse.

So thats it ladies,hope I have helped and please remember to blend,blend,blend. That is one make up rule you should never forget or skip.
Till next time,stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous!


Youtube video for under circles and bags
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