Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tips for going from Brunette to Blonde

My tips for going from Brunette to Blonde

I have recently gone from Brunette to Blonde,a long and lengthy process I can tell you! So going from my own experience I thought I would share some tips on the whole process.

Before you go blonde I suggest you think long and hard about it and about the condition of your hair.
If you are 110% sure you want to go blonde then awesome,if you are not sure take a week or a month to really consider it because you are going to be putting your hair through alot. Its alot easier to go from light to dark but going from dark to light isnt so easy. Also you dont want to spend alot of time and money and damage your hair to think a month later "I want to be brunette again" and all that time and money has been wasted.

Now, think of the current condition of your hair. If your hair is in really bad condition I reccommend waiting because going blonde is hard enough on your hair as it is,bleaching damaged hair is asking for trouble in my opinion. I suggest working on getting your hair in a good condition first,maybe speak to a hairdresser for advice on doing so.

A few other things you need to consider is,if your hair does start to snap,are you willing to go shorter length wise if need be. I had to as my hair was fried after the first 2 bleaches,of course this is all dependant on how your hair reacts. Each person is different

 My hair was not too bad but was not in tip top condition. I had 4 full heads of foils over a 2 month period I think,possibly a bit longer and lost alot of hair due to it snapping off,this is quite common.

You should also be wary that if your hair is previously coloured or you colour your hair alot it may take alot longer to go blonde than if your hair is 100% its pure and natural colour. If you have regrowth coming through you also risk different shades of blonde.

OK,so you have decided going blonde is something you want, you are happy with the condition of your hair you need to consider how your going to go about doing it.
You have a few options
1) Use at home bleaching products and do it yourself(or get a friend to help you)
2) Go to a hairdresser for a full head bleach
3)Go to a hairdresser and get foils

My personal view is if you have previously coloured hair,go to a hairdresser. I have tried going blonde in the past,from black to blonde and my black was growing out. I thought 4 bleaches over 3 days was a good idea, this was the result(1 month after bleaching)

Not only did I end up with that,I ended up with open,weeping sores on my scalp that took a MONTH to heal! No hairdresser would touch my hair because of my scalp,even if my scalp wasn't so bad they probably would have told me to wait.

If your hair is light brown you may be able to get away with doing it at home but any darker you do risk yellow/orange tones.

The benefits of going to a hairdresser is they know hair! Its what they do best,they can also to an extent control the strength of the bleach which with at home bleach you have no clue of the strength. At home bleaching is cheaper but going to a hairdresser will help ensure you get the best result.
If you have a friend who is a hairdresser talk to them and see if they can help you out. Also some Polytechs have "client" days where students,under the supervision of their tutor,will do haircuts,colours etc for a reduced rate. If this is something you would consider do a ring around.

If you are quite dark I do reccommend going for a full head of foils each time,your blonde will be multi tonal but it also lessens the damage to your hair and protects the scalp. Please do remember if you are quite dark this will be a long and drawn out process.

Ok so you have decided to go ahead,you know how your going about it but before you do ANYTHING I am going to suggest something I would have done(hindsight and all)
Buy a multi use, deep conditioning hair mask(masque) for damaged hair and a purple blonde toner. This way once you have been bleached you have these products on hand. The deep conditioning mask is essential because you need to help re hydrate and start restoring your hair because it will be quite dry and damaged even after one bleach. A purple toner is used to help reduce yellow and gold tones in your hair after it has been bleached and can be used to help stop your hair from going brassy even once you have achieved the blonde you desire.

Now remember once you go blonde some hair WILL fall out/break off,this is NORMAL but you do need to be prepared for it to happen

I hope these tips have helped if you have been thinking of going blonde.

This is my hair now after a few gruelling months of going blonde

Till next time stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous xx


  1. Ouch.. sounds like alot of work and looks like in the second picture you had to cut your hair pretty short due to damage I'm guessing?

  2. Like the color in the 2nd pic