Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to Simply Stunningly Gorgeous!!!

Welcome to Simply Stunningly Gorgeous,the blog designed with todays woman in mind!

I love beauty products,make up,skincare,haircare, the works!

Anyone can use it and there is a product for every skin type and skin tone.Used correctly make up can take a plain looking girl like myself and make her gorgeous!And there are constantly new products to try and a million different brands,all ranging in what they do,price etc. 

Whether your fav beauty product be the latest and most expensive volumising mascara,a great priced foundation or that perfect shade of lipstick,make up can make you feel like a million dollars. And this brings me to why I have started this blog.

I am constantly trying new and different beauty products,trying out new make up looks and finding hassle free ways to help others perfect their look and feel glam!

I am a Nutrimetics consultant and I am starting a beauticians course in Feb 2011 so am going to be recieving alot more knowledge that I can pass on to everyone else!

So please,feel free to visit anytime you like and I will try to blog if not everyday every 2nd day!
I will be trying new products,giving you hints and tips on what to use for different skin types. I will also give tricks and create tutorials and video blogs on how to perfect the look you are after and what to look for when purchasing certain products. While I am no expert, cosmetics are my passion so I am hoping as time goes on I can help you all feel as great with make up as I do!

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