Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Product Review

Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel eyeliner with Brush in Black 3.5g
I was so excited when I recieved this in the mail today and couldnt wait to try it out!Im usually a liquid liner and pencil kind of girl.
I purchased this off the auction site Trade Me( and paid a tad more than I would usually consider for an eyeliner.I have wanted a gel eyeliner for so long and this is my first gel liner,so my excitement was to be expected

Sadly it was smaller than I expected(the size wasnt mentioned in the auction and silly me didnt think to ask!)

The blurb on the box says:

Smooth,long wearing color to line and define eyes,Eyeliner Brush included. Opthalmologist and clinically tested.

 Now I was impressed with how easily the product adhered to the brush and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to apply eyeliner with this brush.The consistency of this product is very balm-like which I suppose is what helps with its easy application. The product glided on smoothly but I needed a little bit more product than I thought to get the deep black I was after

The thing that makes this better than liquid liner is if you want a smudgy line its easily achievable without destroying your look and you can use it on your lower lash line(PLEASE NOTE:It is not suitable for the water line)
It is a great liner and pretty mess free and easy to apply,perfect if your new to wearing liner on your upper lash line and the brush makes application oh so easy. Definatley a worthwhile buy!

Photos follow! 

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