Tuesday, September 21, 2010

PRODUCT REVIEW:Avon MagiX face perfector

Yay! My first product review and Im super excited!
AVON magiX face perfector

This product I waited over a YEAR to try and have been using it for a month now,Im so glad I finally tried it,it is fantastic.
First off,I'll tell you a bit more about the product from the blurb on the back of the tube
Keeps shine away for up to 10 hours while it visibly smoothes the look of pores and fine lines.
Directions:Perfect the look of your skin with this colourless gel-powder.Apply all over face or just on the areas that need perfecting.Use alone or under foundation.

Now basically this is a make up base/primer and it truly delivers! Now while I dont agree that it is a gel, more like a cream. It does go on clear and dries to a powder like feel quickly. It helps reduce the look of fine lines and pores and mattifies skin.
There are 3 versions,one with SPF 20 and one without and you can also get a tinted one but this review only covers the untinted versions. The one with SPF is GREAT for daytime as it helps protect your skin

Now for the bad news,you end up using quite a bit of product to fully cover you face as it dries very quickly. Also if you have dry-ish skin this product is probably not for you(you would be better off going for a moisturising face primer or base)

All round this product is FABULOUS for normal to oily skin. Its approx $35(NZ) available from Avon.

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