Sunday, September 26, 2010


With so many products out there it can be so confusing knowing what exactly you do need,what you dont,what each product does and how often to use them!
Today I am going to tell you what products I think every woman should have,what products are added bonuses but not essential and briefly overview what each product actually does!!

To start with,I personally think every woman should have the following products
-Hand cream

These are what I think the basics of good skin care are. In my ideal world every woman would also use
-Facial Serum
-Purifying mask
-Eye cream
-Eye serum
Unfortunatley not all of us can afford to buy and maintain the use of these products which is why I have created the shorter list of products above. But why do you need to use them?

Why do I need to use an exfoliant?
Exfoliation removes the damaged,outer layer and dead skin. As gross as it sounds we all have dead skin and we can all benefit from exfoliating. Regular exfoliation helps our cleanser clean our skin more thouroughly as it doesnt have to fight and remove the dead skin and moisturiser can penetrate the healthy skin alot more easily. Exfoliation can also help with blackheads and acne.Your skin type does determine what type of exfoliant you should be using and how often. Oily skin needs to be exfoliated more often than dry or sensitive skin,I will be covering exfoliation in tomorrows blog(28/09/2010)Pictured is Garnier Pure face wash,scrub,mask 3 in 1  currently available at Woolworths for $12.29 NZD

Why do I need to use a cleanser?
Cleansing cleans the skin,remvong surface dirt and excess oil so that pores arent clogged before you apply your make up and it helps refresh,clean and remove make up at the end of the day.After cleansing you should look natural and refreshed. Clogged poeres play a big part in your skins overall health. I will be covering cleansers in wednesdays blog(29/09/2010)Pictured is Dermologica Essential Cleansing Solution 250ml/8.3oz  currently available at for $49.50 NZD

Why do I need a moisturiser?
Moisturisers hydrate the skin and can help prevent premature ageing. Moisturisers add water to the skin and lock it in,pretty simple really. As we age our skin loses moisture and becomes dehydrated,moisturisers can rectify the problem and also help prevent signs of ageing. Moisturisers with an SPF are great. I will be covering moisturisers in Thursdays blog(30/09/2010)Pictured is Neutrogena Healthy defence daily moisturiser with an SPF 30,available from most supermarkets for around $18

Why do I need sunscreen?
First off let me say this:THE SUN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND!!. The sun is very damaging,it can burn and contributes to premature ageing(think old overly tan,leather handbag looking person)
You need to apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the elements,even on overcast days the sun is still out and can still damage your skin.

Why do I need to use hand cream?
The skin on your hands suffers the worst damage of all. They are constantly being washed with soap and water which can be drying,they are always exposed to the elements,pretty much they get a hammering in day to day life and are usually the first things to show signs of ageing.A rich,moisturising hand cream helps give back the moisture and help restore the moisture in your hands. I love Neutrogena Norweigian Hand cream( a little goes a long way) currently available at Woolworths for $1.49 for a 14 g tube or $9.89 for a 56g tube.Use as many times a day as you can!

Well thats all for today I hope it has been of some help

DISCLAIMER:Please note that the product pricing was correct at the time of posting,due to the GST rise due on October 1st these prices will change,I will do my best on October first to re price these products and edit them here

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