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Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

Hello all
Sorry for the lack of blogging and videos recently,I have been having a few health issues which have finally(and thankfully) sorted themselves out.

Today I am reviewing the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector,I had to see if it lived up to its claims.
Before I got it I read and watched reviews from people all over the world and to be 100% honest from those reviews my expectations were not very high,despite this I thought I have to try it, what one may love another may hate.

So what is BB Cream? I didnt know,nor had I heard anything about BB Creams until I saw the Garnier ad advertising this product. I visited to see what they have to say about it,heres what I found

In the beginning, Blemish Balm was a soothing cream used by German dermatologists to calm and sooth skin after facial peels and other procedures.
The product was introduced in Korea and adopted by celebrities who happily shared their innovative, new beauty secret with local fans. It was an overnight success! Women, previously forced to use a multitude of different beauty products, were thrilled to find a cream that produced 5 benefits in 1 application.
As women from across Europe heard about the product, Garnier put innovation to work and developed BB CREAM MIRACLE SKIN PERFECTOR for all skin types-Taken from the garnier website.

So what is Garnier's BB Cream exactly? It is a daily all-in-one moistriser claiming to provide 5 benefits for instantly perfect skin
These benefits are(from the Garnier website)

1. HYDRATES for 24hrs
Microencapsulation of Lipidure and Hyaluronic acid doubles the water held in the skin for long-lasting hydrating care.
2. EVENS tone
Mineral Pigments melt instantly, evening out the complexion for flawless looking skin without the heaviness of foundation.
3. CORRECTS blemishes
Instantly smoothes the skin’s micro-surface for a natural coverage.
4. BOOSTS healthy glow
The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C boost the radiance and natural glow of the skin.
5. UV protection
SPF 15 UV filters block out the sun’s damaging rays.
Easy on sensitive skin, with a luxuriously light texture that conceals blemishes and optimizes radiance, while protecting and nourishing your skin. A natural, healthy glow that is simply beautiful.

So this miracle cream comes in two shades,light and medium which is a little dissapointing for those of darker skin tones.

First off I will cover what I do not like about this cream
The smell is a bit off putting. Its quite a citric smell to it,not gag worthy but not the most pleasant smell

Next I dont like that its not very hydrating on the skin. I have quite dry skin(except for my t zone) and I dont feel like its very moisturising

On my t zone which is slightly oily it only makes me look shiny,which means I need to blot or powder,not the end of the world but not ideal

Ok now I can tell you what I love
I love that it has more coverage than a tinted moisturiser but isnt quite a foundation
It gives a healthy looking glow
Feels like you arent wearing anything on the skin
Blends very easily and seamlessly
Helps to tone down redness and blemishes,evens out skin tone

So whats the verdict?
I overall like this cream,its a reasonable price($15-$17 approx) and it does offer most of the benefits it claims to. I do not think that this would be suitable for oily skin and if you have dry skin you can really rely on it as a moisturiser. If I was to rate it out of 10 I'd give it a 7/10

See the results on my skin! These photos were taken on seperate days but this is generally how my skin looks without make up
In the after photo on my face I am wearing
 -Olay Complete daily moisturiser for normal/dry skin
-Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector in Light
-Garnier Anti Dark Circles roll on(under my eyes only) for fair to medium skin
-L'oreal Volume Million Lashes mascara in Black

Bare skin

With Garnier BB Cream

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