Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beauty on a budget

Beauty in a pinch

Holy moly batman! I haven’t blogged since March and now its October!! Where the heck has 2012 gone!? 

Trying to look your best is simple, but can sometimes be costly. If you are on a tight budget like myself you want to save money wherever you can. Ah if only we could make our own make up…unfortunately for most of us this isn’t a possibility, but there are things we can do to keep the costs down.
The following are things I have tried and I do love. I have combo skin which is more on the dry side just in case this info helps anyone who is considering using any of these tips.

Save on shaving cream by using conditioner! You may have heard this tip but the stuff really works. I prefer it over shaving cream, it gets my legs much smoother and you probably already have conditioner in your shower anyway!

Ok this next one may sound kooky but if you are after some damn good exfoliation try Baking Soda (also known as bicarbonate of soda). I used to use Anew Clinical Micro something or other (at home micro dermabrasion stuff) but Baking Soda works just as well for a fraction of the price. Just mix quarter of a teaspoon with a little warm water on a wet face. I don’t recommend this method to be used more than once a week. DISCLAIMER: I am no skincare expert so cannot guarantee the safety of this method. I have been doing it for months and it works well but if you try it, it is at your own risk, I have not heard any safety concerns about this method.

Olive Oil, oh how I love thee! Olive oil is great for softening cuticles. Olive oil is great for hydrating skin, I like to rub a little on my face before bed, tie back my hair and a towel on the pillow, my skin is ultra-soft in the morning. It is also a FANTASTIC make up remover and doesn’t clog your pores. How I remove make up with it is I smear it all over my face and on my eyelids and lashes (hey my lashes have never been in such great condition!) and gently wash it off with a wash cloth, I then cleanse thoroughly as it can leave an oily residue on your skin. Olive oil is also great to help dry hair, simply rub some through and rinse half an hour later.

Honey is a great hydrating facial mask, Im talking about real honey not the gooey stuff that you can squeeze out of a bottle. I will warn you, it DOES feel horrible and it does melt while on your face (have an old towel around your neck) but after 10 mins OH MY GOSH!!  Soft, hydrated skin.  Here is a link to my blog post about honey.

Lemon and sugar is perfect for a blackhead blasting, pimple killing, acne scarring skin superhero! Use a cotton pad/cotton round and squeeze some lemon on it,spinkle a little sugar and use the pad to gently scrub your face in small circular motions (not good for sensitive skin). It leaves your skin feeling super silky and you will see results. I like to do this once a week.

OK now this one is a real cheap (some may say nasty) tip. Now what are those make up brushes called, the lash comb, eyebrow comb combo thingy? Anyway I’m always losing mine and am too tight to go and buy them no matter how inexpensive, besides they usually come in packs of brushes I don’t want. What I do is wash old mascara wands till they have no product whatsoever left (I soak them, cleanse them, rinse them etc.).  I use the traditional wands for my eyebrows and the rubber ones to separate my lashes.
If you have dry lips exfoliate them! To exfoliate your lips try a baby toothbrush. It keeps your lips soft, smooth and flake free. Afterwards apply your favourite balm.

To keep your nails shaped forget disposable files and invest a little extra in a metal or glass file, they are a real money saver long term.

Well that’s all I have lovelies,its after midnight, beauty sleep is important! Also remember to Google at home tips, you can even make your own face masks!

Till next time, stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous xx

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