Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rescue remedies for feet!

Today I am going to share a deep, dark secret. I have the worlds worst feet. I have tough,dry,scaly skin on my feet!
I hate feet, I hate how they look, I hate them being touched,they are for walking only.
I cant wear stilettos,I just wobble(although I own a couple of never worn pairs). Heels are painful so I stick to wedges,flats and sneakers.
But I realised my feet look awful so thought I'd try to get them into better condition.
I asked my husband if he knew what I could do for my feet,he suggested scrubbing with a pumice stone. So we went to the beach and collected a HUGE bag full of pumice.
So first I'd soak them to soften the skin then scrub. After a few weeks I realised I needed something more effective.
So months later after trial and error my feet are in better (not great) condition but Im on my way so thought I'd share a few things that you can do to keep your tootsies in good condition or things you can do to help improve their appearance!
So here is a routine for people with rough,tough,dry,scaly feet. If you have nice feet already you may just want to follow the maintenance routine!

Fixing the problem
First off you will need a few things before you start.
You do not need to follow every step,it all depends on the condition of your feet.Mine are BAD so what I do is pretty extensive and time consuming

-Olive oil
-Cling wrap or an old pair of socks
-A tub or foot bath of warm-hot water
-Pumice Stone(or if you have something like a foot file you can use this,pumice can often be found at the beach)
-Honey(you could also use vaseline)
-A foot moisturizer or one designed for dry skin

Step One

Massage olive oil all over your feet,focusing mainly on rough,hard,dry parts of your feet. Wrap in cling wrap or pop on an old pair of socks and leave for 20-30mins. This helps soften the skin.

Step Two

After the olive oil treatment remove the cling wrap or socks and pop your feet into warm-slightly hot water.  This helps to remove the olive oil and further soften the skin. Use a cloth in the hot water to wipe the olive oil off of your feet. After 10 mins remove your feet from the water and dry gently with a towel

Step Three
Warm up those arms,hands and wrists and get ready for the hard work! Take your pumice of foot file and firmly buff/scrub the dry,tough areas of your skin. If your feet are really bad you wont be able to get rid of all you need to but its a start! Stop if your skin is becoming irritated or sore. Remember the condition of your feet could be due to years of neglect so you cannot expect to fix it in one go.

Step Four

After scrubbing your feet put them briefly into some warm water for about a minute and rub your feet gently to get all the flaky dead skin from scrubbing,off.
Dry your feet

Step Five

This step is more of a luxury step,helpful but you can live without it.
Take some honey(which is a humectant,drawing and retaining moisture into the skin)and smother your feet in them! Take cling wrap or old socks and cover your feet. Alternatively you can use Vaseline. Put your feet on a towel(honey runs when warmed up,it can be a tad messy!) and leave for any amount of time you desire(usually over 5mins!).
Once the time is up,rinse off

Step Six

Take a generous amount of moisturiser and massage into feet
 Voila!Fini! Complete!
Do this twice a week and reveal beautiful feet!


Now for maintaning beautiful feet you can chop and change what you use. Below is a basic guide. You can add your own steps,remove steps. This is purely to keep beautiful feet just that,beautiful

Step One

Soak your feet in a tub or foot bath of warm water. Add essential oils if you desire. Soak for 10 mins,and gently dry with a towel

Step Two
    Slightly dampen feet and use an exfoliator,focusing on drier parts of your feet. If you still need a bit of a heavy duty scrub on your feet,gently use a foot file or pumice stone. Rinse off

Step Three 

This step is more to keep feet feeling soft. Take honey,vaseline or even oil oil and apply to feet. Wrap feet in cling wrap or a pair of old socks and relax for 15 mins then rinse off and dry
Step Four

Take a good hydrating foot or body moisturiser(you could even try hand cream) and massage into your feet.
 Do this once or twice a week to keep feet looking beautiful!

I hope this has helped,till next time stay simply stunningly gorgeous! xoxo

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