Monday, February 13, 2012

Hair Mask Magic!

Hair Mask magic!!

Hello Lovelies! I really need to get my A into G(ass into gear) and do more blog posts!! Only problem is, because I feel no one is reading my blogs I feel like I'm spending time and energy talking to myself when I do a blog so if you read my blog and would like more blog posts,let me know!
Right onto Hair Mask Magic!

I recently started using a different hair mask but it's not as kick ass as I need it to be,so I got to thinking what I could do. Do I make my own hair mask(avocado,banana,olive oil and a tiny bit of conditioner) or do I think outside the box and make my mask work for me?
So me being me and not wanting to waste money I thought OK,I want to make this work,but how? I then spotted my small sample of Argan Oil. Now if you LOVE haircare(even if you dont) you have probably heard about Morrocon Oil and how fantastic it is. Argan and Morrocan oils are basically the same(as they both provide similar benefits),difference is they are blended slightly differently(please dont take this as gospel,this is what I have been told).

So anywho, I know that a morrocan oil mask retails for about $50-$60NZD,this was something I wanted to try but was NOT going to pay that kind of money.
Upon spotting my sample bottle of Argan oil and my mask I thought(you know where Im going with this!)MIX THEM TOGETHER! I took a small amount of my mask and a tiny drop of Argan Oil and mixed them together. I then massaged it into the ends of my hair and mid way up(and I do a lil on my roots) and left it for 10 mins. My hair was so AMAZINGLY SOFT! It was insanely soft,even after I blow dried my hair it felt incredibly silky.

The great part about mixing Argan Oil with a mask is that it is generally cheaper than Morrocan Oil. If you are wary about purchasing a full size bottle,see if you can get a sample(I bought my sample bottle for $5,you use so little it lasts AGES!!). Try it,you wont be dissapointed

Till next time Stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous! xx

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  1. I am reading all of your posts at the end of 2016. I searched for Australis makeup to see if it is recommended and voila! I found your blog! Thank you!