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The eyes have it- Review

The eyes have it

I have been so slack with my blog lately so thought instead of doing a single review I would review 4 seperate eye products in one blog post!
So enough of my babbling and onto the reviews!

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara
I had been wanting to try this for AGES. This claims to give you the look of dramatic,false lashes but without the need for false lashes! Just look at the promo pic!

The website says

I was very dubious when purchasing this product, I mean come on, false lash effect using only mascara and the lashes you are 
born with? COME ON! But I could'nt resist so went out and bought myself a tube of the waterproof formula

 The packaging
The tube is CUTE! Purple with aqua lettering is cute. The brush is a standard spoon brush but the solid part of the wand has a little flexible,bendy bit a short way down which actually makes it easier to apply the mascara

The product
One thing I noticed instantly about the formula itself is it is VERY wet! Wet to the point where I would notice little splatters around my eyes after applying the mascara the first couple of times. After a few weeks the formula tends to dry up which is great for application but is really a pain in the arse because mascaras,after being opened have a lifespan of 3-4 months,so losing 2-3 weeks waiting for it to dry up so you can use it is pure wastage. You have less chance of finishing the mascara before it has to go to mascara heaven!

The performance
I will give credit where credit is due, this baby creates awesome volume and amazing length,length like no mascara I have ever tried in my life! BUT it clumps like no other mascara I have ever tried so an old,clean dry mascara wand or lash brush is a necessity when you use this mascara. I did find after 10 hours it started flaking which was dissapointing.

Does it fulfill its claims? 
Well yes and no. It will give you longer lashes with more volume and while  I have been asked twice,if I was wearing false lashes while wearing the mascara it does not give you the lovely effect the promo pictures show and you have to work with the mascara to get it to work for you. For example having to wipe the wand to get rid of excess product,having to comb through your lashes to avoid clumping etc

I think I paid roughly $26 NZD for this product but have noticed it varies store to store,so a pretty standard price for a mascara

Would I re-purchase? 
This is a really tough one. Probably not as I believe there are mascaras out there that probably give you comparable length and volume without the hassle and mess 

Simply Stunningly Gorgeous rating 4/10 

Designer Brands Fine Liquid Eyeliner in Black 

This eyeliner is an absolute favourite of mine! One of the first liquid eyeliners I had ever purchased and was in total love with it from the start!
Designer brands is an australian company that sells its products in Australia and New Zealand at prices everyone can afford!

The website says 
Create a dramatic eye with a liquid liner featuring a high quality fine hair brush to ensure perfect application.
Designer Brands Liquid Liner is available in a luxury acrylic case, it's smudge and clump free! PERFECT!

The packaging like alot of DB's products is very clean cut,stylish and looks almost high end! It comes with a brush applicator as opposed to a "felt" type applicator.
The Product
The formulation is long wearing AND smudge resistant. The product doesnt seem to dry up or clump at all ensuring a smooth application every time.
The Performance
This is one hell of an eyeliner! As I said above the formulation is long wearing,smudge resistant and a little goes a long way.
The brush has bristles which can be a little harder to work with as opposed to say a felt applicator because there is no density and if one of the bristles stick out you can accidentally get a line of eyeliner where you dont want it,but this can be remedied with a small pair of nail scissors(and removing the eyeliner isn't ultra hard with a Q-tip!). I find the softer brush easier to work with when it comes to creating a winged look and cat flicks. The brush is super fine so its easy to create a thin line but you can also build it up if you like a thicker,chunkier line!

Does it fulfill its claims? 
Yes,yes,yes. Apart from the brush issue which isnt major,I cannot find a fault with this eyeliner.
Would you believe me if I told you this fantastic liner was only $8.99 NZD?! Well ladies it is!A tiny $9 is all you will pay!
Would I re-purchase?
Without a doubt yes,and I have re-purchased this product!
Simply Stunningly Gorgeous Rating 9/10

Avon Glimmersticks Liqui Glide Eyeliner

This eyeliner came into my collection through  Avons lovely "We don't have what you ordered,so have this instead" policy. Instead of sending it back with my rep I figured I may as well try it. The concept is it gives you the look of a liquid liner in a self sharpening, pencil form. The concept is a cool concept. I couldnt find the info I wanted on the NZ Avon website so jumped on to find the info
The website says
The intense look of a liquid liner with the ease and precision of a pencil. Long-wearing. Smudge-resistant. Retractable, self-sharpening

The packaging
Basic standard pencil look. The product is retractable and "self sharpening" just like Avon's standard glimmersticks.

The Product 
The product is a stick and feels quite moist to touch and is very very soft. The colour intensity is magnificent but while it claims to be long wearing and smudge resistant,I have found this to be untrue. I also feel you dont get alot of product

The Performance 
I find "self sharpening" claim very gimmicky, while it is true you dont need to sharpen it it doesnt have a pointed tip once you start using it. Once you start using it, it flattens which means if your are trying to achieve and precise flick or a thin line, it is very hard to achieve. I also find the pencil very hard to work with as it is too long and harder to control. If you can figure out a way to apply it then it may be worthwhile because the pigmentation is fabulous and very dark,but it smudges easily and isnt very long wearing.
Does it fulfill its claims?
Yes and no. If you find pencil on the upper lash line easier to work with and want the look of a liquid then it fulfills its claims on that part. However I find its claim to be self sharpening to be misleading and I find it doesnt last very long and smudges

I'm not entirely sure as avon prices always vary but you are probably look at a price somewhere between $8 and $12 NZD.
Would I re-purchase?
Hell no! If you put the colour intensity aside it has nothing I look for in an eyeliner
Simply Stunningly Gorgeous Rating 2/10

Unbranded 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette 

The 88 Palettes in the beauty community overseas is a cult classic!There are different palettes examples are 88 Matte,88 Warm,88 Metal Mania and the one I am reviewing 88 Shimmer.
Orginally released by Coastal Scents, the 88 palettes are made in Hong Kong and are re-sold by different companies. My one was from Crush Cosmetics.  

The website says
88 beautiful colours, for lovers of shimmer eyeshadow. Very pigmented and easy to blend, you will not be disappointed with this hot item!

The Packaging
A large rectangular palette housing 88 eyeshadows. Comes with a decent sized mirror and 2 double ended ,sponge ,eyeshadow applicators.

The Product
All 88 shadows are extremely pigmented and shimmery although I have noticed some eyeshadows are less pigmented than others and a couple are very powdery. All of the shadows are long wearing.
The Performance
 I have found all of the shadows to be super shimmery, long wearing and super blendable. The large selection gives you limitless options. Some of the more powdery ones can cause shadow fall out which isnt a good look and ones that are less pigmented you have to work a little harder with to achieve the colour payoff. The eye looks you can achieve are only limited by your imagination!
Does it fulfill its claims?
Simply put,yes it does. I find this to be an amazing palette.
From it is currently $48.91 NZD and $35.95 AUD
Would I re-purchase?
If I ever get through them all,yes. Its only 55 cents(NZ) per eyeshadow
Simply Stunningly Gorgeous rating 8/10

So thats it for this post,hope you have enjoyed the reviews and learnt about some products you may have been questioning buying
Till next time Stay simply stunningly gorgeous! xoxo

Disclaimer All opinions expressed on this blog are mine and mine alone. I am not paid by any company to review products.

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