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Product Review: Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Eye concealer

Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer

I have changed my review style so it is a bit more user friendly.
I have split this review up so if you want to read certain parts just scroll down and read(The sections are in bold) , you can read the full review or to get the general gist jump to the bottom and just read “In a Nutshell” which is my opinion without all the other stuff!

Covergirl and Olay teamed up together and came up with a Simply Ageless Range. There are five products in this range. The  Simply Ageless foundation, the Simply Ageless sculpting blush, the Simply Ageless Serum primer, the Simply Ageless Corrector and the Simply Ageless Eye concealer.
4 of the products (I’m not sure about the primer)  contain Olay Regenerist Serum(you can see a white, moisturiser -like swirl throughout the products, bar the primer)

 I have not previously used any of these products, but now I have tried their concealer

I got the Covergirl and Olay Ageless eye concealer for 2 reasons
1)I desperately want a concealer that doesn’t crease under my eyes and figured an eye concealer is specifically for the eye area so would probably be better than others
2)I have used Olay on and off for years and find them to be trusted company

Claims:Ok, so the card it comes on says,
“The makeup that simply won’t age you. Introducing Simply Ageless.
This creamy formula covers imperfections, conceals under-eye circles and visibly brightens skin. Like all Simply Ageless makeup, it’s made with advanced Olay Regenerist Serum, and it stays suspended over fine lines and wrinkles,for younger, firmer -looking skin

So far it claims to contain what I need and sounds promising! Coverage for under eye circles, brightens skin and doesn’t settle into fine lines.

Now, this concealer has some good points and some bad, I will go over those in a moment but first I’ll talk about packaging and presentation and the shade range

Packaging and Presentation: It comes in a small, hard plastic, clear on the top, purple on the bottom, 9 gram (.3oz)pot (circular with screw top lid). It is quite odd because the screw top part where it opens is on the bottom which for presentations sake I don’t like but it doesn’t affect the product or the use of as you just simply turn it around. Like most Simply Ageless products you can see the serum(I assume that’s what it is) swirled throughout

Shade Range: This comes in 4 shades: Very light, Light, Light Medium and Medium/Dark(please see the not so good points if you want my opinion on the shades)

Now time to share what I liked

The good stuff
-It blends flawlessly into the skin
-Brightens the under eye area
-For the first 2-4 hours fine lines are almost non-visible
-It contains Olay Regenerist Serum so is helping fight lines as well as conceal

What I didn't like
The not so good
-If you use a powder on top to set the concealer, it will instantly exaggerate fine lines and appear cakey on top of foundation(I tried this with Australis Pressed Powder, Revlon Colorstay Powder, Natio Loose Powder and Doll FACE mineral powder foundation)
- I am quite pale and have the shade Light Medium and I still found it was a tad too light so have a feeling the shades tend to be paler than average or it is possible the white swirl lightens the concealer

And what I really didn't like
The bad stuff
-2-4 hours after applying it settles into fine lines, although it can be reversed by lightly wiping the area and applying more but who wants to apply concealer every couple of hours!
-4 hours after applying my imperfections were no longer concealed and possibly exaggerated
-8 hours after applying my lines were very noticeable and you could tell the product had settled in, started to fade but not in the fine lines

The cost in New Zealand dollars: $22 approx(this may vary)

In a nutshell
For a couple of hours this is a good concealer. I hate that I cannot set it with powder because it does instantly exaggerate the fine lines. I love the coverage in the first couple of hours and love how it doesn’t show my fine lines,it also brightens my under eye area. Although with all my praise it is dashed by the fact that after a couple of hours it settles into my fine lines unless I lightly wipe the area and re-apply. The benefits don’t last long and the negatives far outweigh the initial positive reaction.
It was $22,will I continue using it? Yes but only if I am only needing to be flawless for a few hours or I have the time and can be bothered with re application. Would I repurchase? Simply put, no.

So that is my review on The Simply Ageless Eye concealer, please do remember that this is my experience and my opinion, it may work for others but this does NOT work well for me!

Till next time stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous!

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  1. Great review. I just purchased this and its on my review list. I am going to try this after I finish up my other concealer. Here in the states it was only $10.97.

    Sweet As Honey

  2. I want to try this one out, but need to finish my other, older products! Great review though!


    I tried this concealer, and it didnt work so hot for me ;(

  4. The fact that it settles on face lines makes me thinks twice before buying one. Thanks for the info dear.

    skincare online

  5. The post is giving review of covergirl and olay. Great post
    mineral make up