Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Product Review: Maybelline Super stay Make Up (Foundation)

Maybelline Super stay Make Up
So have had this for awhile now and thought I better review it.

Ok Maybelline Super stay foundation claims to
·        Withstand heat and humidity
·        No transfer: wont rub off
·        Flexible, breathable, all-day comfort
·        Oil Free- Non pore clogging
·        Suitable for all skin types
·        24 hr wear

It It comes in a glass bottle with a screw top lid with an open neck top(much like Revlon Colorstay)so you pour the product out

Ok so first time I tried this I was not a huge fan. It seemed difficult to blend, quite heavy and as much as I love full coverage it was almost too much coverage, but I gave it another try.
The more I used it I realised I didn’t need to use AS much as I was used to with my sheerer foundations(I sometimes use more to build coverage which is a pain in the butt but with some foundations, when you love a formula...)
So two of my gripes with this foundation was it was too heavy and way too much coverage .But half my problem, I was using too much. In saying this it is quite a heavy foundation but it covers almost all imperfections (although I did use a concealer for my under eyes before applying, but it covered acne scars and broken capillaries  which I had not applied concealer on beforehand ) so this was a huge bonus as I saved time by not needing concealer.
The time I saved on concealer was however needed to blend the foundation, even though it is a liquid, it does take a bit of effort to blend it flawlessly into the skin.

At this point, the foundation on a whole may seem a bit iffy, amazing
Coverage but heavy and hard to blend, so far not looking too hot, so let me continue!

The next claim is to withstand heat and humidity. In NZ(for my overseas followers) we are in Summer and boy it is HOT! We all know when we are running around doing our day to day things in heat we can get a bit sweaty. I’ve been pretty sweaty all day and my foundation has had no change or meltdown, in fact it still looks pretty flawless(it’s 5.40pm)!  It really does stand up to heat and humidity and does it well

As for no transfer I can say I haven’t had any problems.

The heaviness of the foundation either disappears or you don’t notice it as the day goes on because after about 20mins I didn’t even notice it was any heavier than say Australis Stay put foundation or Revlon Colorstay

And it is long wearing, I have never needed a foundation to last 24 hours but I always need to thoroughly remove this foundation at the end of each day

All in all I can give Maybelline Superstay a Simply Stunning Gorgeous rating of 8/10!

If you want more info on Revlon Colorstay or Australis Stay Put foundation please read my Summer Foundations article which you can find here


  1. I tried this for the first time yesterday and I agree with you. I'm from Aus so it's hard to find a foundation that won't run downy your face as soon as you walk outside. I found it had great coverage as well and I didn't use a primer either.

  2. Love this foundation! It is definitely a favorite of mine for the summer.

    -Maddy @