Sunday, February 6, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me!

Due for release mid 2011
A brand new product from Maybelline designed to change the way we as women shop for cosmetics
Maybelline Fit Me!!
So you’re probably wondering how the Maybelline Fit Me Line is different from all the other Maybelline cosmetics. Well its actually pretty genius.

First of all you find your liquid foundation shade (they are split into 3 sections Light, Medium and Dark and all are numbered) then (now this is the genius part), you select your pressed powder simply by finding the one with the same number as your liquid foundation. How cool is that? It takes most of the guess work out of choosing a powder to match your foundation and as long as you have selected the correct shade of foundation your pressed powder will match!

But that’s not where it ends. Now comes the blush, each shade has matching blush colour options to compliment your skin tone. The same goes with concealer, you will have two options for light,2 for medium and 2 for dark.
 They also have 3 bronzers available for light, medium and dark skin tones, so if you’re a medium you simply grab the bronzer for medium shades etc.

It takes all the guesswork out of selecting your cosmetics! It links various items and shades together making it easier to find your perfect shades!

Items in the Fit Me range use “skin merge technology”. Pretty much it’s a patented formula that aims to match your skin tone and blend quickly.
Fit Me Foundation is medium coverage as it is designed to be pretty natural looking while helping to achieve a flawless look.

The liquid foundation contains an SPF 18 will be available in 18 shades(as if the powder). The concealer will be available in 6 shades and there will be 12 shades of blush.

Maybelline Fit me is also incredibly stylish I mean just check out the packaging of the products

Soooo stylish!
Fit Me has been released in the US and there are quite a few reviews, as with every product not everyone likes it, here is a YouTube review

So while I’m not sure 100% when exactly this will be released in New Zealand, judging by the date the mascara Falsies was released and how far behind we are behind the US I’m pretty sure mid 2011 is pretty accurate
I’m super excited about this line and can’t wait till mid year!

Till next time ladies stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous!

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