Monday, January 9, 2012

Easy curls without the damaging heat!

Easy curls(without heat!)
Curls after using Second Method

First off,HAPPY NEW YEAR! It has been a LOOOONG time since I have made a blog post and I am so sorry. Life has been crazy busy and I haven't had a camera,less access to a computer in the evenings(which is when I did most of my blogging) but I am going to make more of an effort and now I have a camera,I may even do videos to supplement my blog!
Anyway,I have been stuck in a hair rut! I finally have the colour I want but my hair seems to be taking FOR-EV-ER to grow! And I haven't many choices when it comes to styling,straighten or tie it up,thats it! Maybe I lack creativity in the hair department I don't know but I thought to myself a few weeks ago,hmm maybe curls?
So I YouTube'd how to curl using a hair straightner,got the gist of it and straightner and hairspray in hand off I went.
Half a head of curls and quater of a can of hairspray later,feeling defeated(and slightly light headed from the hairspray fumes) I gave up.
I then tried the sock bun method I once saw on youtube,in the morning the sock was out of my hair and my hair was just a frizzy mess(my hair is too short for it ya see!). So I had to come up with my own technique and have come up with two ways to get curls.

First method(overnight)
1.Apply serum to freshly washed hair(to avoid frizz)
2.Comb through wet hair,apply a small amount of hair product(I use fibre putty) from an inch down from your roots,to tips of your hair(do not use too much!!)
3.Section hair into as many sections as you like(I reccommend 4-8 depending on thickness and length of your hair)
4.Twirl each section into a little mini "bun"
5.If you want your bangs/fringe to remain uncurled,leave these out
6.Spray the "buns" with hairspray
7.Take your hairdrier and blowdry your "buns" for a few minutes
8.Go to sleep(try and use a satin pillow case to reduce frizz and friction)
9.In the morning blow dry your buns before taking them out
10.Run fingers through to loosen curls as you desire
11.Spray with hairspray
VOILA-overnight curls!

Second method
This method is done during the day,best for if you want curls for the evening

1. Follow steps 1 and 2 from the first method
2.You can do this one of two ways,take your hair into a ponytail,sort of of like a scrunchy messy bun or into two pigtail scrunchy messy buns and spray liberally with hairspray
3.Throughout the day let your hair out for 10-15 mins at a time and regularly "scrunch" your hair with your hands,tie back in place
4:By the end of the day you should have messy but lovely curls. Set with hairspray

While these 2 methods may be time consuming,I have found they are the 2 methods that have worked best for me

Till next time lovelies
Stay Simply Stunningly Gorgeous xx

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